How to get N43/N53 to perform as new?

1. restore the performance of NOx system. Suggested solution: install NOXEM

2. create new long term trims

  • required: good quality road section;
  • required equipment: INPA, OBD Cable;
  • required time: 30 .. 60 minutes.

At least 85 .. 90% of N43/N53 engines restore even running after performing described above operations. If the uneven running is still observed, proceed with next steps.

3. check the misfire counters of cylinders

  • required: good quality road section;
  • required equipment: Scan Master, Touch scan (free trial version will be OK) or similar software;
  • ELM327 adapter** (costs EUR 10 .. 20);
  • required time: 30 minutes.

If necessary, replace damaged ignition coil(s).

Removing decorative cover of engine: 15 minutes. Replacing one ignition coil: 10 seconds.

If necessary, replace the spark plugs. These engines require replacement of ignition coils not less than after 50’000 km.

Replacement of spark plugs will take around 20 minutes.


Price for ignition coil: EUR 25 .. 30/piece (genuine Bosch). Bosch code: 0 221 504 471

Price for spark plug: EUR 12 .. 14/piece.


For perfect performance:

4. Coding of appropriate software version of MSD80

  • required equipment: winKFP, OBD cable;
  • required time: 5 minutes.

5. It’s recommended to check of possible typical defects of N43/N53 engines: thermostat and crank case ventilation

  • required equipment: INPA, OBD cable;
  • required time: 5 minutes.

After performing these service, the N43/N53 series engine will perform evenly, if no other significant damages exist. Description of each procedure can be found in the blog.

Set if procedures requires several hours of time in total, but the shivering of engine will be gone for a long while!


For true BMW fans:

6. making the snubbers for ignition coils

  • required: some components from Farnell or Mouser (costs: EUR 5 .. 10), soldering iron;
  • required time: 1 .. 2 hours.

After connecting the snubbers, ignitions coils will serve for a very long time. The risk of damages for coil control transistors of MSD80 will be excluded.


*we recommend Cable Shack

**adapters on eBay