In this entry – a short review of how the business of NOx sensors is going.  

As I already have mentioned in other blog entries, if we talk regarding NOx sensors, we have to remember:

a. in the world is only one reliable manufactured who has developed the technology of the “heads” of the NOx sensors: it is NTK (Continental Group);

b. several years ago, the news appeared that a company of the People’s Republic of China, supported by the best specialist of the scientific institute of this country, has also set up the factory in which these sensors are manufactured. The manufacturer refers to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (the 13th Institute) and claims that in the Year 2017, it has managed to develop the NOx sensor. For now, the feedback (and my own experience when analyzing live data and the error message reports) on these sensors is more than pitiful. The quality of the sensors is inferior, longevity – pathetic; data they report is unreliable. 

The data communication protocol often does not correspond – the sensor can not even “talk” to DME/DDE. The price of these sensors at the manufacturer (MOQ 100pcs) is around 60 .. 70 USD/pcs. By the resellers, which very active offer their services, the price grows to 80 .. 90 USD, but MOQ drops to 5 .. 10. How the users succeed with these sensors, you can read here, here, here and here.

In connection with N43/N53 (E series) NOx sensors, you have to remember that OEM sensors are no longer usable for these cars (considering the solid age of the NOx system) because of the performance of the NOx catalytic converter is deficient. When using the correctly performing OEM sensor, very soon the error message 30E9 (regarding the poor performance of the NOx catalytic converter) is recorded in the error message memory, and the purchase of the NOx sensor becomes pointless. DME switches off Stratified charge, stops the injector measurements, switches in emergency mode. If you want to use an OEM NOx sensor, you will have to install a new NOx catalytic converter (the price is around 1500 .. 2000 EUR). 

Let’s come back to the (central) theme regarding the NOx sensor business.

In DE/GB, the NOx sensors, sold by Metzger, have appeared – they actually are previously mentioned China imitations of poor quality. This mega product has also reached Baltics: 

According to the price – a solid product! In addition – available immediately! 

Outside the EU, the situation is even more interesting. For example, Ukraine: 

Here, even 4 “different” sensors! The original cost was around EUR 550, analogs – 280 .. 450 EUR. Not cheap.

I decided to check the situation with the “manufacturers” of these sensors in Europe. Hans Pries is not popular, but, for example, Herth+Buss is available. The situation in the Netherlands: 

What a bonus – free delivery in the territory of the Netherlands! Sorry for the sarcasm. As we see, when selling NOx sensors from China with the initial price of USD 60, you can try to earn at least 1000%. In the case of such profit, it is not even a problem, even if each second customer requires a “replacement” sensor. The profit still is at least 700%. Even if you have to send the “replacement’ for each sold sensor, the profit still is around 500%. Isn’t it a perfect business – selling spare parts for cars?