I believe all of us have seen this movie. Obviously, the seller of these injectors also can travel in time. How otherwise can you explain this?
The car from which these injectors allegedly were taken reportedly was in a case accident at the end of 2021. The new lucky owner of the injectors has purchased them for EUR 1200.

First significant nuance: the bodies of the injectors are black, not light brown (the owner of the car confirmed the color of the bodies – it definitely is black). The injectors with codes of the early releases were manufactured in black bodies. ISTA indicates – injectors with these old codes/black bodies should be replaced immediately (and they were replaced free of charge 10 .. 12 years ago during the recall campaign). The bodies look of high quality – they are not China fakes. Obviously, someone has purchased the old injectors and printed new inscriptions.
Second nuance, which confirms fakes: if the car crashed at the end of the Year 2021, how can it be that it had injectors manufactured in February 2022 installed? Even more – since Q3/2021, these injectors have been deficient (backorder on September 2022 is over 20. 000 pcs). As we see, the manufacture “dates” of these injectors are the 3rd, 15th, and 22nd of February 2022.

This is quite a high-quality forge!
a. inscription fonts are close to the original one;
b. injectors have different encoding data;
c. injectors have different and theoretically possible manufacture dates (it’s not March 63rd as in the previous example with fakes).

The new owner of the injectors claims that on the other side of the injectors, the manufacture Year 2021 is printed. Here I have several objections. Let’s assume we don’t know that the manufactury year is printed on the injector’s body. First objection: new injectors are installed in the Year 2021, and the car crashes. Second objection – almost new injectors are now sold for such an excellent price (the price of brand new injectors is EUR 450 .. 550). Such successful transactions should be evaluated twice!