One of the readers of my blog turned to me for help – after reading the entry regarding IBS, he started to suspect, that the registration of the battery replacement, performed one year ago, haven’t been correct.

The replacement of the battery he performed by using Carly.


I asked to send me the IBS data.


As you see:

a) no battery replacement has been registered for the car ever;

b) SOH is negative – the battery of the car is completely worn out (calculation of IBS system based on the time-aging counter);

c) data of the energetic balance – completely incorrect.


There is no smallest doubt – Carly hasn’t registered the replacement of the battery at all. Please, don’t use the software of the 3-rd side to perform the service procedures. ISTA D/+ is available for each BMW user, in addition – free of charge (unlike Carly). Use ISTA D/+ (for service procedures) and INPA (to inspect the data).

In the current case – for a year, the battery has been kept in the practically uncharged state – it has lost the largest part of its capacity for sure. Unfortunately, unsuccessful service procedure has the consequences – you will have to buy a new battery after a short time…