Remember, that it makes no sense to install OEM NOx sensor, if:

  • the error message 30E9 regarding the insufficient performance of the NOx catalytic converter is stored;
  • the error message 30EA appears on a regular basis or desulphation sessions are very often (after around 1000 km);
  • the mileage of the car with the existing NOx catalytic converter reaches over 120 .. 150’000 km;
  • you drove your car with damaged NOx sensor for a long time.

In such cases, only solution is NOXEM (if you don’t want to replace NOx catalytic converter).

But, if the mileage of the car is low, if new NOx catalytic converter has been installed: in case of damage of NOx sensor – you have to buy a new sensor. If you are not afraid of the short lifespan of the OEM NOx sensor – you can choose also an OEM solution.


Already for a longer time, I’ve noticed one seller from China (autosupply555), who offers as if original NOx sensors (all the time the number of sensors was 10+) for a very affordable price. For a long time, the price was around 280 USD.

Taking into account, that several readers of my blog have asked, is it worth to purchase the sensors from this seller, I decided to find out,  what exactly is sold by autosupply555.

I asked the seller to send me some images, where the bottom side of the sensor controller can be seen (so I can make sure, that it’ s not a falsification) – and I got this nice letter.

After my next request to still send the images of the product, I got the next letter. As you can see, the price dropped down to 260 USD! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any images thou.

More than 3 requests to send the images were left unanswered.


And now – a little surprise: the price of the sensor has suddenly doubled! And all are suddenly sold!


See, how the positive feedback of the current seller is made:

It looks that 97.3% from all (it means – positive feedbacks) are fake, it means – as if “buying” a jewelry for 0.01 USD.

In turn, the true feedback can basically be found only in the list of negative ones.


And more – I paid my attention to this feedback:

Things, which you have to remember regarding NOx sensors:

  • there is only one company in the world, who has mastered the complicated technology of NOx sensors: NGK;
  • there is only one company (a group of companies), which manufactures their sensors (and their controllers): Continental;
  • each model of NOx sensor has a totally different communication with DME/DDE – starting with bitrate, addressing and ending with a description of data, management commands, ID. Inappropriate NOx sensor will not work together with “wrong” DME!


If you want to avoid unnecessary adventures, don’t buy such “almost” analog products!