What’s new in this release for the B series petrol engines?

For B38, finally, the Expert mode has appeared (previously, it was available only for B48 and B58). B58 Expert mode is supplemented. Here, the new B58 Expert mode list second part:

As we see, now we have additional menus for:
b. Valvetronic;
c. throttle response.
There will be a separate entry for each menu because there are many nuances. If the BMW engineers are reading this, it would be nice, if the Expert mode would be supplemented by such “unimportant” sections as:
a. Exhaust. Following reading would be very valuable: Integrator values; separated LTFT of Offset and Multiplicative types; Nernst efficiency of the Lambda probes; simulated and real indications of the probes for evaluation of their reaction time;
b. adaptation and correction data of the injectors;
c. adaptation learnbits and a normal decipherment (including the Increment wheel).

Thank you in advance if something of this will be introduced.
Unfortunately, still, the most significant errors and flaws have of GUI are not correct:
a. changing the Zoom in any axes, the pointers are “swimming away”. Respectively, whenever changing the Zoom, you have to scroll to the actual range again;
b. the scrolling itself is exceedingly tossed. Quick scrolling is slower than when using the toolbar. “Holding” of the taskbar regularly “breaks off”;
c. it is not possible to expand the graphics on full screen;
d. it is impossible to export the data in any format to send to the BMW AG engineers.
Gentlemen, this time, the quibbles regarding the “incorrect” computer will not be in place – a Getac computer purchased from BMW Ag was used for the test. Exactly the actual model which you are offering to dealers!