This entry will be useful to everyone, who plans to purchase a car, even if it’s not BMW.

Please, watch the video, placed below. It’s been made in Russia, accordingly – it’s in Russian. Below you will find my comments and also explanations, what’s so special in this current video.


In the video you will see, that all repairs can be done in “half-underground” conditions, with cheap equipment, accordingly – anyone from us can buy a car, “repaired” in such a way.


The basic theme of video – totalized BMW F10 is being restored for sale. The vehicle has significant damages – no doubt about it. Most interesting in this video – how the repair is done. It’s performed in a way, that maximally hides the repair “footprints”.

The car is assembled from two cars, but even experienced expert most probably will not discover any signs of such assembly.


0:22 you see the car after a crash


7:23 everything, which is left from the car after dismantling all damaged parts


8:02 the car is slightly “crooked”


8:11 here, with such “super accurate” tool (simple ruler) the geometry of the car is measured


You will ask – from where came the “good” right side of the car? From F10 of the same color! Who is this “donor”? The authors of video state:

”The donor is a completely legal car, which was bought from the bank”. They had this vehicle already before this repair. They claim, that the donor was poorly equipped, but the one, which was repaired, was with good equipment package.

I’m sure, that these are complete lies. If the authors of video tell the truth – why something has to be cut, welded? Why they simply didn’t installed all extra equipment in a legal car with a clean history? Why such huge repair has been done to the vehicle, which has a record of totalization? There is no logic. Additionally, at the beginning of the video, the author spit out, that he hasn’t seen the donor yet, the strategy of repair will be clear only after the donor will be delivered.

Obviously, the donor is stolen or “stolen” – owner has sold the car to these repair specialists (don’t want to pay a lease or simply defrauded the insurance) and the declared the car as stolen.


And now – most interesting part. How these repair specialists performed an “invisible” repair?

In the image the weld seams are marked:

1. seam across the roof hidden on the driver’s (other – good side), below roof molding;

2. on the right side – the seam goes on the floor, all threshold – good, from a donor;

3. seams on the are of the front pillar – all hidden below wing;

4. on the back – only seam, which is visible, is around 10 cm long, can be seen, when opening the trunk, performed max similar to factory seam.


14:32 only visible seam – masked perfectly

When the authors of the project were asked regarding the SRS system, they answered: “in the video, you see the side SRS airbag, others also are installed”. And – they don’t even lie!


6:44 the side SRS airbag is seen

True though, with the possibility of 99% – these airbags are just a mula. Because, as we know, after activation the SRS units have to be replaced with new ones. New units cost a lot of money, I don’t believe, that these men bought SRS units. Most probably – the existing ones were “encoded” do not indicate the error message in the KOMBI. SRS components were installed, so when the visual inspection was done, the expert would see, that everything is “in order”.


I believe it’s clear for everyone, that after such “repair” the vehicle is not as it has to be. In the case of repeated collision, this “stuck” part will simply separate from the rest of the frame, the not working airbags will not save nor the driver, nor the passenger. During the time, these weld seams will start to rust, and the frame will lose even the minimum durability.


Why this current example is worth the attention?

Most numbers of car buyers don’t perform special check-ups when purchasing the car. But, in this and similar cases, if such inspection will be performed, nothing suspicious would be found. Let’s assume, that the check-up will be performed by an experienced expert with necessary equipment.


1. Measurings of the paint layer everywhere (for doors, wings, pillars) will indicate the factory paint


2. in the door boxes, the original factory weld seems will be seen


3. Taking off the plastic shields on the bottom of door boxes – no signs of repair will be found


4. checking side SRS airbags, they will look as if in order

5. of course, the bolts of wings and the engine hood will be nicely painted in the color of the car – it will be hard to notice repeated screw driving of them.


After such thorough check-up – does anybody will have any suspicions? The record in the databases regarding totalization? Obviously – a mistake! Because the car is in perfect order!

As you seen in the video – such repair can be performed in a simple garage, with cheap equipment. Stolen BMW – donors: no shortage of them, these cars always were on top of the most stolen vehicles. Accordingly – such repair can be done by several men everywhere – in the outskirts of Poland, in the gateway of Berlin, in the center of Paris, etc.

Be very careful – don’t buy a car with a suspicious history! Check the databases before purchase! Check the real condition of the car! Trust this job to the professionals!