And here – one more case, when the car owner has replaced all possible things: spark plugs, ignition coils, Lambda probes, injectors…
But the problem was not solved! The error message appears again and again!

2AF2 and 2AF6 – the error messages regarding OEM NOx sensor. As said by many “specialists” – completely unimportant sensor!
The other two error messages – 2C6C un 2C7F – correspond to the control probe, Bank 2. What could happen to the probe?
Stop! What, please? Control probe, 2nd bank?

Pay attention to the engine: it is N43! This engine has only ONE control probe, and it responds as the probe of Bank 1!
This is one more example of gross errors in the DME software. As we see from several different cases, ANY error messages regarding the NOx system (for example, 2AF2; 2AF4; 2AF6; 2AF8; 2AF9; 2B05; 2B07; 2B08; 2B09; 2B0A; 30DE, etc.) can cause such virtual probe “problems”! True manifestations of the problem – DME cannot trim wideband probes; cannot maintain even the averaged fuel mixture in a correct range; does not measure the injectors – individual fuel mixture of cylinders is completely incorrect. The engine vibrates, shivers, it has misfires, which can not be avoided. TI gives serious problems (CO/HC is strongly increased during emission tests); after some time, the CO catalytic converters are damaged.
Yes, you can try to find the software releases which don’t contain this error, but in any case – the correct performance of the N43/N53 series engine is possible only with a repaired NOx system. And a pleasant bonus – when the NOx system is repaired, in addition to a “regular” improvement (restored Stratified charge, measurements of the injectors, etc.), these illogical error messages disappear, and correct management and trimming of Lambda probes is restored.