Today I received an e-mail from one of my customers. He wrote that his friend has a problem – it is impossible to input flowrate encoding data of one of the injectors purchased recently. The reason: on the injector, number 515 is painted, but INPA indicates that the allowed range of the input parameters is 52.8 to 72.8.
Here, the photo of the injector:

And here, INPA screenshot:

Interesting situation.
At first, let’s check the injector itself. Pay attention to this part of the injector:

What to pay attention to? I marked it with red:

It looks that the injector’s body has been pressed in some kind of mechanism. The inlet of the injector, instead, has been clumsily screwed with an inappropriate tool.

In my opinion, this is quite enough to make a conclusion – keep away from these injectors and the seller. But, let’s see the whole “picture”.

I opened, entered the code of the injector, and what do we see:

As you see, this current code is replaced with a newer release already at the end of 2012! Already for 8+ years, these injectors are not manufactured anymore!
Note: this injector is suitable for N54/N63 series engines; the code of the actual injector release: *079, release number: 12.
And so we got one more confirmation that this is not a purchase of a new injector.
I entered this code in Google, and the first result – advertisement in Amazon.

Already just seeing such an advertisement, my attention attracts the following things:
a. the sizes are indicated in the image. OEM (BMW) never shows sizes for their spare parts! The reason is straightforward – the OEM spare parts precisely correspond to the etalon. I don’t think the seller itself has drawn this image. Most reliable cause – these are “analog” injectors from China (or at least their image);
b. the average evaluation is only 3 stars. It is definitely worth checking, especially worst evaluations;
c. read the description: meets or exceeds OEM standards… One more confirmation that these are NOT OEM injectors. Manufacturer number starts with AP.AA – no, it is not OEM code! Further description is entirely inappropriate for OEM spare parts.
I have had no slightest doubt that these are not new nor OEM injectors for a long time. But – let’s continue the exploration, gathering as much information as possible.
When scrolling down, we see:

Pay attention to the section: manufacturer. A pretty standard option is – OEM manufacturer is indicated, but actually, it’s a fake from China. In this case, the seller is meant as a manufacturer.
And now let’s see the review, which gave only 1 star:

How is that possible? The injector has no inlet! And next problem – the threat of the inlet does not correspond to the OEM injector, which does not allow to screw the inlet from the old injector. At this point, the remark is in place – pay attention to images No.1, 3, and 4. It is not clear why these inlets are taken off (in addition, with an inappropriate tool), but – the “authors” of this injector have forgotten to screw back the inlet.
You will argue – “accident, this advertisement has several positive reviews!” Let’s check them:

My objections:
a. OEM injectors are delivered on plastic boxes;
b. there should be a aluminum cover on the injector’s nozzle; otherwise, the sealing ring should be replaced! OEM injectors have this cover, TIS says – the injector should be installed ASAP after removing the cover.
As you can guess, the review is given directly after receiving the product by the person who has no clue.
Here, the givers of both positive reviews:

Here, the giver of previously given review – a lovely lady; both satisfied customers – Spanish speaking persons from the USA. Coincidence? Possibly. Anyway – in my evaluation, the “weight” of these two positive reviews – precisely zero.
In this entry, I compiled many signs, which clearly indicate – these are not new, nor OEM, not usable injectors. Non-compliance of the Flowrate data encoding – only “secondary” inconvenience. Without any illusions – these injectors will not work not with, now without entering encoding.
Remember – wasted money from purchasing such injectors will not be your only expense! When using such injectors, you will very soon damage all exhaust: Lambda probes, CO catalytic converters. Before purchasing the injectors, evaluate the images very critically and assess the information regarding the seller. Check the codes of the injectors in the databases.
In 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic is still in progress, a remarkable deficit of N43/N53/N54/N63 series injectors (*048; actual release: 11; *079; actual release: 12) started in Europe. Accordingly – the prevalence of different old injectors, fakes, and “analogs” has increased significantly. Be careful!

p.s. as we see, this injector was manufactured in 42(!) March of 2015.