Also, F10/11 till LCI version is equipped with N53B30 series engines.

Depending on power class, they are installed on 523i, 528i, and 530i.

Unlike E series, the engine management system has been upgraded to MSD87.


As usually, information from manufacturer and dealer is exactly zero, not taking into account many problems with these complicated engines and multiple information inquiries.


Full remuneration of error messages is performed for MSD87. Error messages relating NOx system are listed below (BMW and standardized numeration and the error name):

Noticed differences in the management of NOx system:

  • no error message regarding sulphation of NOx catalytic converter. Obviously, the Stratified charge is used as long as possible, and the performance of NOx catalytic converter is used as only criteria;
  • priority of desulphation session of NOx catalytic converter is automated (no special procedure of increasing the priority of desulphation session is intended);
  • encoding of NOx sensor is renamed as deleting of its adaptations (it’s required in case of replacing the sensor);
    automated management of NOx catalytic converter, no encoding required.

Detailed info read here, here and here.

Note: in some internet forums the statement, that OEM sensors, which are intended for E series, can be used in F series, can be found. This statement is false! NOx sensor for F series is significantly different from one, intended for E series: longer connection wire, other ID, different addressing – with E series OEM NOx sensor MSD87 will not even establish the connection.