A while ago, I already wrote regarding excellent NOx sensors, which Metzger sold for a pretty impressive price. A more detailed story you can read here.

Now the time for injectors has come. The BMW owner, who has purchased an injector for the N53 series engine from Metzger, approached me. 

On the right side – a museum exhibit: OEM injector of 01 release. On the left side – injector from Metzger.

Yes, since the first releases, the manufacturer of the injectors has insignificantly changed their design. But I was more attracted by other things:

a. the body of the Metzger injector did not look typical – it’s too shiny. It seems like it has been specially cleaned. It is not the look of a new OEM injector;

b. stickers with changed encoding data. What hides beneath it?

I asked the owner to check.

As you see, the OEM injector of the 07 release is hidden under the label. Injectors of this release were manufactured years 11 .. 12 ago.

Metzger has started to sell “restored” injectors? Let’s see!

At first, I checked the Metzger DE online catalog. 

Here, you can even purchase OE parts!

Pay attention to the marked:

The code of the spare part coincides with the code on the leaflet! Obviously, I’m on the right way!

A second “irrelevant” nuance – the green “recycling” mark. It could indicate that the spare part is “restored”. 

I press Info to get a more detailed description:

Here already as a Brand is mentioned Metzger, but Condition: Normal. Interesting. 

I checked what the Metzger UK/GB online catalog looks like: 

Isn’t it great? The Metzger injector is ever more expensive than VDO!

Pay attention to the Condition: Remanufactured.

It looks like Metzger is buying old injectors, “restoring” them, and then selling. The price of such a mega-injector is 330+60=390 EUR! It is even around EUR 100 more expensive than an OEM injector if purchased from an adequate seller. Isn’t it great? This inadequate overpricing can be reduced by half if you supply Metzger with another used injector. Business “going in circles”.

Keeping in mind that even new OEM injectors are very whimsy, I have no illusions regarding “cleaned” more than ten-year-old injectors’ performance. The technical level of this “restoration” is indirectly indicated by the fact that these injectors don’t even have the nozzle covers, which would ensure that the sealing ring would be in tensioned condition till the installation of the injector.