New HPFP arrived within 2 days.
Process of HPFP installation.

Here, the HPFP pressure after repair:

As we see, even by a high load (acceleration with open throttle till 7000 RPM), the pressure of HP contour is 200 Bar, and the pump does not even try to “get tired”.

One more problem is solved. But there is still the question – what happened to the old HPFP?

Here, the old HPFP:

Do you see the green marking? It does not look like the factory marking. Usually, the spare parts from the junkyard are marked in such a way. If the customer says – I have to check, it the part fits, he gets “warranty” till the moment the spare part is installed. Exactly, for this reason the plane, which touches the engine block, is marked. When the customer installs the HPFP, right away, it will be seen that the pump is “used”.

Here, one more ”small” difference:

The old pump has no markings at all! The new OEM pump has markings on the valve, also several markings on the body, but for the old one – no recognition signs!
If somebody would ask me: is the old pump OEM, installed in the factory? I would say – with a probability of 99,9% – NO.
I have seen HPFP, produced in PR of China, selling on eBay, they cost around EUR 100. I have to admit that they looked suspiciously similar to this old HPFP.

Obviously, the HPFP of this car was already replaced. Yes, the budget was not “wasted”. Why replaced? Who knows – possibly, due to leaking injectors, the error messages 2FCA, 2FDA regarding Rail pressure were recorded. For true “specialists”, this is enough to get the new HPFP, without “wasting” time on any thinking.

Do you think this is how the surprises finished? Nope!
Time after time, a loud rattling sound appeared from the engine. Vibration appeared. Rough run data indicated that the mechanical efficiency of cylinder No.5 is reduced for 40 .. 50%!
By higher load, the engine No.5 was switched off for several times, a number of misfires in – impressive.
New NGK spark plugs installed. Spark plugs replaced very recently! What is the problem?

Take a look at this spark plug! Do you see anything suspicious?

And now?

How could it happen, that the air gap of just now replaced spar plug is for some three times smaller than it should be?

Obviously, when not understanding that the misfires of cylinder No.5 are related to the paralyzed creation of adaptations (due to damaged NOx system, then – due to demolished software), the “specialists” have tried to replace the spark plugs. The ignition coil was at last eight years old – the “gents” did not get to the replacement of it.
When the replacement of the spark plug also did not help, and the cylinder No.5 got regularly turned off, the “masters” decided to reduce the air gap for ignition to happen “easier”. As a result, the spark got so tiny, that fuel ignited not by the 1-st impulse, but during the time of some five secondary impulses. As a result, the reduced efficiency of the cylinder; strong detonation and rattling sound appeared.

Without illusions – no OEM spark plugs installed. Accordingly – replacement of all spark plugs to OEM. The customer pays again!

After replacement of spark plugs – full re-adaptation of the engine, then – re-adaptation of the transmission, and… The car as new!

Can you imagine, for how many times the Start button should be pressed to get so worn out?

There is no slightest doubt – this poor car has serious problems with the starting of the engine!