Today I inspected 1-er E87, which was bought only by the photo. The new owner just visited one of the largest car sale platforms, chose the car, which was put for sale (it was from abroad) and… He asked the transportation company to deliver the vehicle. As I understand, the car was bought, using credit services additionally – non-bank credit company (current company – with inadequate high-interest rate, for example, if the purchase will be paid during 3 years, the customer will pay to double (!!!) the initial sum).


The engine doesn’t work ar it’s supposed to – yes, it shivers strongly, vibrates, the idle is very unstable, the engine tends to stop. Before starting the work with the N45 series engine, I perform a quick inspection of the vehicle.


The outside of the car shows a miserable condition. Both front wings and the engine hood have been replaced. Left side wing – installed from a different car, but was deformed – it’s been repaired very poorly and is badly painted – the rust already appears. The engine hood has been moved for 5 .. 7 mm in the anchorage – only in such way the “repair specialist” had managed to combine, at least approximately, the car body parts.


Both doors at the driver’s side also have had poor quality repair. The painting is very badly done, the door had a very thick layer of filler, which already started to peel off. Even the decorative door slat is broken. Spaces between car body parts – very different.

Rear lamp on the driver’s side – cracked (to pas the TI, it has to be replaced), front lamps – also will have to be replaced, because the glass is worn out.

Both doors on the passenger’s side – both are damaged but are not repaired.

Overpainted body parts are in different colors – obviously, the car has suffered several accidents, and the “repair specialists” haven’t managed to find the right shade of the paint.


In the picture – the doors on the passenger’s side. Damaged.


The side of the driver’s doors. “High quality” repair…


Decorative part of the driver’s doors.


Repair of the window washers. “Upgrade” of the heating system (disconnected).



Rear windscreen wiper blade and the condition of the rear window.


Rear lamp, driver’s side.



Front lamp, front bar, wing.


Engine hood, left side.


Engine hood, right side.



Left wing.






Deformation of carrying construction.


Engine room has been damaged/deformed very strongly. The repair of the body skeleton on the driver’s side has been done very poorly. Also, the deformation of the longeron is clearly visible, and it was repaired very casually. All body elements (wings, hood) are fixed very poorly, using old, rusty screws. Holes for the screws are not been in exact places (because the body skeleton is deformed), they have been enlargened, simply braking them wider.

Front windscreen wiper blades are worn so badly, that the metal fittings are scratching the window. Window washing element “repaired”, using duct tape.

Rear windscreen wiper blade has been removed, because it’s fitting also were scratching the window. Rear windscreen is scratched, it has to be replaced. Good nows – obviously in the moment of disassembling the rear wiper blade, it’s motor has been working!


Bort computer signal as regarding all possible defects: a defect of the SRS system, problems with all windows (their closing/opening mechanism), insufficient level of coolant, window washing fluid. There is no information regarding oil level – the oil level and quality sensor is damaged.

Front pannel is covered in faux leather. It’s done very poorly, the coverage already peeled off around vents. Such “upgrade” has been done by only one reason – to cover the place of passenger’s SRS airbag. No illusions – after the crash, the SRS airbags, safety belt retractors are not repaired. Decorative part of the driving wheel (which covers SRS airbag) has been installed very poorly.


A pillar on the passenger’s side.



I wonder, where the SRS cover is gone…


Panel. “High quality”


When entering the car, every moment the gong signal goes out – the car informs about the next defect in its performance.

Door cladding around window switches is covered with “carbon” stickers. Possibly, in the images, which were taken by the seller, they looked acceptable, but “on the spot” we can see, this “upgrade” has been done by a 3-year old child – the result is terrible. Why it’s done? Obviously, the cover of these elements has been worn in the usage process of the car, and the stickers are supposed to cover the defect.

Pixels of car’s radio indicator is not working – we can only guess, what the display shows.


Connecting INPA to the engine, it has 9 (!!!) error messages – this is a rear case when the Bosch management unit has such high number of the error messages. Moreover, they appeared recently – another specialist has attempted to repair the engine and, of course, previous error messages have been deleted.


The overall situation with the engine:

  • the sensor of oil level and quality – damaged;
  • crankcase ventilation valve – damaged;
  • VANOS valves – pledged. Not even thorough cleaning in an ultrasound bath and cycling (activation to help to purified) helped. Obviously, the oil was changed at irregular intervals;
  • the position of one camshaft (after replacing the VANOS valves) – outside the range for 5 degrees;
  • the position of the second camshaft – not detectable. Obviously, either the defect of the sensor or incorrect position of the shaft (or zest ring);
  • all cylinders have continuously misfired. Obviously, the condition of the spark plugs and ignitions coils is miserable (the engine, with all my respect, is still able to maintain Stoichiometric fuel mixture);
  • oil leakage from all possible seals is observed – the engine, subjectively, doesn’t correspond to 200’000 km, visible in the odometer.


Additionally to all problems, mentioned before, also irregular ticking sounds could be heard from the bottom part of the engine – if the best case it’s significant angular play of the two-mass flywheel, in the worst case – problems with the crankshaft (shawls).


I have to acknowledge, that the owner of the car considered, that the spark plugs and ignition coils are such expensive and/or insignificant elements, that there is no need to check their technical condition (end refused further diagnostics).


I didn’t even check other blocks during diagnostics – in my opinion, this car has finished its lifespan, and the purchase un such vehicle is a totally inadequate decision.


Sentence of this entry:

  • every car has to be inspected in person before purchasing in every country (including also wealthy European countries), exist the “repair specialists”, who “repair” the cars just for sale – it’s already a thin line and can be considered as a fraud;
  • when buying a used car, you have to consider repair costs. Additionally – directly after buying you have to perform its maintenance – replace the spark plugs (also ignition coils, if necessary), oil, filter exchange for the engine and gearbox, replacement of the chain/belt, if it’s required by the exact type of the engine.


In the existing situation all conditions were violated, and as a result – it’s not possible even drive the car, it’s not able to pass the TI, the owner of the car has no funds to even perform quality diagnostics of the engine, not even talking about repairs. This situation can be described with one word – a dead end.