This time (for now/yet) I have no right to make public VIN of the current car, although it is known to me.

Given: BMW F10, 3.0 diesel engine. Already for a long time in our country.
Nice car: dark color, black leather seats, sunroof, HUD, seats with memory, mirrors with darkening, NAVI PRO, HiFi sound, etc.

My colleague was asked to solve the problem – the car showed no signs of life. Reason: badly tightened battery terminal screw, due to what (the contact with the battery was lost) the overvoltage has happened, and the CAS module was damaged.

CAS module was brought to the repair specialist. He noticed signs of prior intervention in the module.
The owner of the car was found, and he admitted:
every year he drives around 60.000km. And every year before TI the indication of the odometer is changed to indicate that the car has driven 10.000km since previous TI.
It is needless to say that such manipulations cost cheap – incomparably cheaper than the price drop for a vehicle, who drives 200.000km in several years.

The moral of the story – do not believe nice mileages, even if the BMW databases and registers of Road Safety Directorate “guarantee” it. You have to check CBS recordings, evaluate the true usage of the car.