Till now I was using one of the newest (stable) INPA versions – 5.0.6, which was using 1.001 loader for MSD80 diagnostics.

Today I got 2.023 loader and decided to test it.


What’s new in version 2.023?


Menu for short and long-term trims is upgraded:
BMW INPA adaptations menu

now there are bars with total correction: integrator + long-term trim (in %): no need to calculate by myself anymore;


the +/-700 mg/stk range for offset long-term trims has stayed the same, so – no use for this bar.


NOx sensor menu moved to separate sub-menu, why – it’s not clear.


Rough run menu still has the wide-band Lambda probe section with indications in volts (not in Lambda value).


More interesting is Injector menu (Shift + F6):
BMW INPA analog module menu

Pressing F1, we see the following picture:
BMW INPA injectors flowrate menu

a) 3 lines on top – opening time of injectors. Shows time for one cycle (in case of multi-point injection) – it’s not clear, which exactly;

b) next 3 lines – relative correction of injectors opening time (factory grouping correction and additional individual correction).


Scroll down the image:
BMW INPA injectors flowrate menu

a) 3 lines – amount of energy, which is conducted to each injector;

b) next 3 lines – peak voltage while opening the injector.

Readings of energy and voltage can be used to discover damages for piezoelectric elements (micro-flaws, power leakage to injector’s body. The U range in voltage section is not chosen correctly: if the opening time is slightly prolonged (in idle run), all injectors “fall” below minimum voltage of 130V (actual minimum voltage is a bit different number…)
BMW INPA injectors flowrate menu

Scrolling down a bit more:

3 bottom lines are for long-term trims of injectors, in mJ. Unfortunately the possibility to visualize is  still in % – so it don’t works as supposed to.


F2 allows to see the status for long-term fuel trims with different conditions:
BMW INPA learnbits

Following things can be seen: if individual offset/multiplicative long-term trim for Homogeneous/Stratified charge fuel mixture has been completed successfully, etc.


Last 2 indicators (individual long-term trims of Lambda, using overflow valve, corresponds to M54):
BMW INPA learnbits

As we can see, in case of MSD80 N43/N53, the fuel map has at least 8 (!) basic blocks, in which injector’s individual long-term fuel trims are performed.


F3 offers to check additional data for short-term & long-term trims of injectors (efficiency tests):
BMW INPA injectors adaptations

First 3 lines: instantaneous relative corrections for each injector.


The adaptive values of each injector in two points of their flow curve:
BMW INPA injectors adaptations


By pressing F4, we see additional long-term trims for Lambda in 5 point in temperature sections for each bank:
BMW INPA cold engine adaptations


The advanced menu of Rough run/Stratified charge (F5)
BMW INPA injectors adaptations


In the beginning of menu: offset corrections of each injector in open position for idle run (Stratified charge). It is interesting, that Lambda and Rough run long-term trims are “fighting” each other (for example, see the long-term trim for injector No.3).
BMW INPA injectors adaptations

BMW INPA injectors adaptations


Such tool finally can be used for serious work!


P.S. Additionally (finally) the desulphurising of NOx catalytic converter works, also “simple” deleting of NOx sensor long-term trims and installation of NOx sensor reference point are available (this could correspond to recording of NOx catalytic converter, but there is no confirmation from producer/developer regarding last mentioned).
BMW INPA adaptations reset menu

BMW INPA adaptations reset menu group 2


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