In this entry – once again about the desire of many: upgrade of N53B30U0 to N53B30O0. As a result of the upgrade, the power is increased from 160 kW (218 hp) to 200 kW (272 hp).

The upgrade is possible for the E series; E9X and E6X: 325i(X) and 525i(X) with N53 series engines.

323i(X) and 523i(X) can not be upgraded because they have an N53B25 engine installed with a displacement of only 2.5 liters, not 3.0 liters.  

By idea, a similar upgrade is possible for F10/11; from 523i(X) and 525i(X), you can get 530i(X) with a power of 210kW. 

This time a bit wider information regarding the budget solution of the E series. I write this entry because: 

a. in Europe, there are huge problems with qualified specialists who know how to use the available tools (for example, BMW Explorer); this makes it difficult to perform a correct rebuilding;

b. at the same time, many charlatans (including previously mentioned “specialists”) offer the “chip tuning” of deforced N53B30U0, promising an increase of power without rebuilding.

Unfortunately, I have seen many unsuccessful results of such “tuning”, but successful results – NONE! Also, my own experience only confirms all previously mentioned. 

Also, the company, based in the Netherlands, promises to upgrade the engine management in person or on remote (with a self-developed tool) disappointed. Yes, after the upgrade, the engine’s power is close to the expectations, but – the engine runs very uneven; it shivers. The diagnostics data confirm unavoidable problems. The only options to fix the situation are complete reprogramming DME as if the correct solution, or the solution, described below. The company from NL does not offer any solutions, did not return the money.

Initial information and the correct solution are described here.

So, this time – a budget solution, which is available to anyone!

What is necessary for the rebuilding?

1. three-stage intake manifold;

2. 2 pcs DISA for this current intake manifold;

3. DME and CAS with keys from the “correct” car, accordingly, from 330i or 530i.

Note: there is NO fundamental meaning; the donor car (the car on which the parts will be installed) is a sedan or universal, i or iX configuration, 3rd or 5th series. All necessary spare parts are chosen from one donor – it will be cheaper than purchasing them separately. If necessary, buy and replace DISA O ring sealings and other rubber seals because they have dried out.

Hot to do the rebuild.

1. install the inlet manifold and both DISA; connect DISA (plugs already are in the engine room);

2. install the DME and CAS from the donor.

From this moment, full power will be available.

Note: of course, in the KOMBI, many emergency signs will light up because the setups of “old” and “new” cars (with a probability of 99,9%) are different. But – you can drive the vehicle and drive with it to the specialist, who will solve this problem. Changing configuration data is a much more straightforward job than motor_hours/power_class modification (which is required in case of the correct solution). 

Additional works to be performed:

1. the milage and VIN of new DME and CAS should be modified;

2. FR and FA should be modified according to the setup of the car.

Note: To solve the first problem, you should approach the persons who modify the odometer’s reading or encodes/programs BMW (on the second case – it will not be their profile). To change FR and FA, approach the persons who encode BMW; this operation is usually performed using NCS.