During the last decade, Ctek automatic chargers have become the benchmark of the industry.

I decided to devote 15 minutes to check on the chargers, offered by this company. With thought – I could use a compact battery charger during the winter season.

Discarding cheapest versions, I started with more advanced models.

I started with MXS 10. Automatic, 8-step charger.


Nuances, which don’t fit me:

a) there is no option to choose step of charging program. Accordingly – if the battery is not disconnected from the vehicle (this is not an option due to the IBS data can be corrupted), Ctek will incorrectly define the state of charge of the battery, because the car won’t go to sleep, and its consumers will be active. It, in turn, means, that I have to wait at least 30 minutes after locking the car until it goes to sleep, and only then I can connect the charger. How the charger will behave (will it move correctly to the next steps of charging), if it will be connected, while the car is still not asleep – no clue;

b) the charging voltage is fixed (U mode), it’s not temperature – compensated.



Here, according to datasheet: fixed voltage, starting from -20 oC.

c) max charging voltage is 14.7 V.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough in cold weather, if the car (and battery) is outside.

Yes, the Recondition program would fit (voltage 15.8 V), but the charging current is only 1.5 A, its time – strongly limited (yes, in room temperature – everything would be correct. But, if the battery has to be charged in low temperatures – it’s “too short”).

In this program, even by ideal scenario, if the battery would be charged for 5 hours, the SOC would increase for some %, not more.



Even for one of Ctek “flagships” – MXTS 40 – the max charging voltage is limited with 14.8 V. It’s quite sad.

Even charger for EUR 600 (or even more) doesn’t complies with requirements for winter conditions.


Are there any options? Yes, MXTS 70/50.


Yes, MXTS 70/50 max charging voltage is to 15.8 V. It sound’s much better already!

Price? Around EUR 2000. I don’t think, it’s an everyday product of each BMW user…