For a longer time, for my N53O0 (upgraded from U0) version, I was using ZB 8603178. This release I admitted as the best available (see Part 3).

After several experiments, my car had DME from another E60. Initially, this new DME was installed on E60 530i of a more recent release, equipped with a Start-Stop system. So – the Power class was correct (02H); FR – correct; only FA of the DME should be changed. The same specialist (who solved the problem with the Power class of my “old” DME) created the clone from my old DME (it is faster than manually editing the FA). Unfortunately, after installing the new DME and loading 8603178, an interesting defect appeared: sometimes, when stopping by the traffic light or starting to drive after a long time of idle (more than 10 minutes), DME “crashed” completely. At these moments, DME considered that its status is ENGINE_STOP. Accordingly, it acknowledged all possible hubs as faulty: air mass meter, DISA valves, throttle, even the electrically manageable engine suspension pads (which never have been installed for these engines), etc. The initially installed (but later deleted from FA) Start-Stop system acknowledged its presence. 

The situation was solved by loading the 8603138 release (last/newest, offered by ISTA P), but now the engine was working very robustly. Regularly, without justification, the error message 3104 was recorded, switching between injection modes was happening very unmatched/fussy, etc. All problems of the initial releases – are on display. 

This time I decided to try another way – the officially offered solution by BMW. Theoretically, offer(ed) to solve the problems with the robust performance with ISTA P, performing a particular service procedure: installing DIRU/Improve smooth running. Why do I mention “theoretically”? To accomplish this upgrade, an IBAC code is necessary. Yes, at this moment (and unofficially, of course), this code can be acquired by a suitable tool developed by a third party. But officially, such could be given only if the dealer turned to the manufacturer (opened PUMA case), proved that “everything is bad”, and the manufacturer chose precisely this way as a solution – gave the technical task to perform this programming. 

I don’t have exact info as to why such obstacles were placed. It is possible that in such a way, BMW postponed the programming of these cars because the “crashing” of the multimedia units (CCC) during upgrades was quite popular. It is possible that the manufacturer pushed to switch to MSD81 (the only hardware changes – more powerful MOSFET to the injector management, which only partially solved the problem with their defects). Unfortunately, in the old MSD80 units, it was impossible to officially program the newest ZB releases intended for MSD81 (btw, also, in this case, are men who managed to skip this protection). 

Start the ISTA P, identify the car, and choose the Conversation divider. 

As we see, at the top of the list is the procedure we are interested in. Choose it. 

This is the case when the car is equipped with an MSD80.

And here – without IBAC code – not a step further:

IBAC generation becomes handy:

And here – the car is supplemented with a Vehicle ordering element: DIRU.

What a surprise: ZB from 8603138 was programmed to 8603174! A long time ago, I tested this ZB (because it was offered as the newest one by WinKFP, see Part 3), but I didn’t notice any particular gain. Ok, let’s try once again! 

Interestingly, DME is not the only block in which it should be done: 

And here, the re-adaptation of the engine should be performed after the reprogramming. Yes, of course, confirm! 

Final report: programming successful; DIRU option added.

Further work with INPA. Yes, with INPA, we see – all adaptations (including fuel and flywheel) are deleted. I quickly re-adapted the engine. 

This time I have to conclude – 8603174 works COMPLETELY different than 8603138! Nuances, I noticed immediately: 

a. segmented Rough run management (and switching to Homogenous lean mode) as for the newest ZB;

b. very correct switching between injection methods;

c. no fake 3014; Stratified charge – much softer, without misfires;

d. regeneration sessions – realized very correctly, etc. 

The overall impression – is an entirely different engine!

Finally, this is when I (my laziness tasks over) will not try to find out why the upgrade with WinKFP did not give the desired result. Most important – there is a solution: ISTA P. In the situation when the IBAC code should not be required from the dealer, this is a good option when there are problems with 8603178 to other ZB, and you don’t want to spend much money to purchase the MSD81.