This time, the customer asked to look for an F32.
The wishes of the new owner were quite untraditional. Obligatory: F32, 4th series, but only the two-door version (so, Grand Coupe is not an option).
Obligatory: petrol engine, 440i. So: B58. Preferably, not xDrive. Colour – dark. Gearbox – only manual.
It immediately became clear that such a car can not count in Baltics and Poland.
So the first step was to identify the offers of and offers of DE dealers for slightly used cars.
The idea for non-xDrive had to be canceled – it looks the Drive was a basic set for this engine (at least for the European market).
From the existing offer, one 440i was “dropping out”, its peculiarity: low price – as for 2 years older cars. The car was manufactured in the Year 2019, but the price was only around 33’000 EUR. I got in touch with the seller asked for VIN and more exact information regarding damages. Regarding damages, I was asking, because in the description at the advertising, on the last line with small letters, was written, that the seller sells car with defected eliminated. After this inquiry, the seller did not continue the communication. On the internet, I found many comments that the current seller sells totalized and cheaply restored vehicles from the USA. Many buyers complained that the SRS systems were not restored, the repair works were done in deficient quality.
A second promising car was a true beauty: blue color, a nice interior. Price: +2000 EUR to the USA option. Seller – a german company with a profile of tuning and selling exclusive and semi-exclusive cars. Pictures – a work of a professional photographer. But, sooner enough, I noticed that Photoshop had been strongly used in the pictures. The driver’s seat was “not fixed” in one of the images, and the true picture was quite sad – it was strongly worn out. Again I asked for VIN and images without any Photoshop. The seller replied that, unfortunately, the car is sold. True though, the advertisement from did not disappear. Either this advertisement serves as a virtual “portfolio” or is intended for not so “fussy” customers.
The third car was at the DE dealer. With a red interior. Here I have to remark that the interior of the USA option and several ones excluded (with automatic gearboxes, etc.) were also red. Either it’s a fashion thing, or the managers of the dealer salons suggest exactly this color scheme. I received both VIN and additional pictures. It was significant that, for example, they were not hiding the driver’s seat and closeups of the IHKA buttons – these parts typically are wearing much more/very fast, and the sellers perform all sorts of tricks to hide this wear.
I checked the VIN in the Online databases. Databases indicated that everything was in order. Of course, the possibility that around 3 years old car, still under warranty, would be totalized, sunk, burned, or stolen was very low. But – one chance form a million, that in some database is car is registered as stolen? Clarification un solving of such problems was not in the plan.
Using VIN, the checkup of the records in the EOS/AIR system was done. Data of the BMW servers indicated that the maintenance of the car was done promptly. The only things outside the maintenance – software upgrade, replacement of the brake pads, and the differential seal. No other remarks.
This car was recognized good enough for an on-site checkup.
On, there was one more + 1K EUR car with a dark interior, but after asking for a VIN, the advertisement disappeared. I assume it was a “ghost”, which was still online by mistake.
A day before leaving for Germany, I found that one of the dealers just now had placed the advertisement of 440i, which don’t even have pictures yet. I asked for VIN in pictures – it turned out to be in a light grey color and + 8K EUR, but the manufacture year was the same as for the favorite described above. +8K EUR for a 30k km lower mileage, HUD, rearview camera, and several more features? Quite expensive, but the basic counterargument – the light color. This car was left as a backup option.
Other options: one white Cabrio and two completely new M440i were discarded. M440i of G series is not even available with a manual gearbox anymore…
After 48 hours, I was already in Germany, based 1km from the dealer center. I checked the favorite from the outside already on a Sunday evening, no visual defects appeared.
The next morning, I checked the car also from inside checked the electronics with ISTA; the only error message – Undervoltage. The test drive did not indicate any problems.
Story of the current car.
Manufactury date: March 2017
The car left the BMW factory in July 2017.
It was sold at the end of 2017. Buyer (and user): woman with a design and architecture design in the local metropolis.
Exactly after 3 years, it means, at the beginning of 2021, the car was returned to the dealer, and a new BMW was purchased. TUV till June 2022. The dealer ensures one year Europe + warranty.
The story is confirmed by:
a. registration documents;
b. Online databases regarding TUV mileages;
c. AOS database recordings regarding visiting the dealer center and service maintenance.
a. microscopical damages by nails on the varnish above the handle of the driver’s doors;
b. the driving with the car has been very calm – the tires have “managed” for 80’000 km and still are in good condition.
The car received transit number plates, and on the same day, F32 started its way back to homeland.
Here, what the CBS data of the car say:

a. the change of the brake pads outside the maintenance time. Obviously, the user had some complaints. The most important, that (only) the replacement of the brake pads and the brake liquid has solved the problem. The car brakes perfectly, also the previous user has had no complaints during last time;

b. the oil has been replaced 4 times, last time – just now, before selling. It is not hard to calculate that the oil changes were after each 20’000 km.
And here: refueling data.

The car has been fueled 203 times. By the mileage of 80.000 km and the average consumption of 7.9l/100 km, it comes out that the car has consumed 6320 liters of fuel. If the refueling has been done for 203 times, the average filling each time – 31 liters. The volume of the fuel tank is 50 liters. I believe these data confirm – no significant modification of the odometer has taken place.
Positive nuances:
a. the car has no slightest outside damages. The M-pack bumpers are not damaged, the door sides also have no damages;
b. no one has ever been sitting in the passenger’s seat or in the back row of the seats. Wear of the driver’s seat – symbolic.

In theory, you can guess that preset buttons No.3 and No.4 have been pressed more than once. C. wear of IHKA, multimedia buttons – zero. The Culture news and Classical music radio station programmed on them. Wear of the gearbox handle – zero, no free movement of the gearbox link. The clutch – as new. In the interior – not a scratch. The only wear – slightly scratched paint of the driver’s seat, outside corner.

Why did I write all this story? This is a car, which has driven much enough: 80’000km. At the same time – no replacement of the brake discs has been done. The first change of the brake pads (if we don’t count the “ancient” problems with the first pads) is still ahead. Instead of the typically worn steering wheel, IHKA buttons, worn-out seats – wear close to 0. I write this entry as an example, how a car with a mileage of 80.000km can look alike. Additionally – not taking into account a distinctly sporty model. If someone offers you a car with similar mileage but radically higher wear – make conclusions!
From my own experience, which I have seen:
a. 11+ oil changes both for cars with mileage 40.000 km and 80.000 km;
b. 5+ brake pad changes for vehicles with as if mileage of 90.000 km;
c. 5 registered changes of DPF filters for cars with a mileage of 190.000 km;
d. IHKA buttons of the car with 80 .. 120.000 km worn out to such condition, that even the fan symbols can not be seen. The typically mentioned reason – sharp nails;
e. never-ending stories (not depending on the odometer readings) that the steering wheel is worn out because the driver has had a ring, but the seats are wont out because the pants have had buttons on the back pockets, etc.
And, as I already mentioned at the beginning of the entry, in, you can find “restorers” of totalized cars from the USA; Photoshop specialists and other freaks. What car will you buy – for 99% depends on the quality of inspection/evaluation.