List of affected vehicles

Problems with NOx system are typical for following BMW models:


BMW 1 series | E81; E81 LCI; E87 LCI; E82; E88

116i with N43B16 engine

118i; 120i with N43B20 engine


BMW 3 series | E90; E90 LCI; E91; E91 LCI; E92; E92 LCI; E93; E93 LCI

316i with N43B16 engine

318i; 320i with N43B20 engine

325i; 330i with N53B30 engine


BMW 5 series | E60 LCI; E61 LCI

520i with N43B20 engine

523i with N53B25 engine

525i; 530i with N53B30 engine


BMW 6 series | E63 LCI; E64 LCI

630i with N53B30 engine