In several entries, I have informed regarding fraudsters from China, who sell “OEM” NOx sensors. In this entry – a practical example, how such a purchase ends.

The owner of E90, who has bought as if OEM sensor from China via eBay, approached me. He had suspicions that something is not quite OK. He sent me the diagnostics data. Here, the data which relate to the NOx sensor:

The exhaust temperature was appropriate for the NOx sensor to be turned on in Online mode (the screenshot was made after 10 min driving session). Also, the temperature of the data of the engine – appropriate. The owner of the vehicle has performed the driving session, but, as you see:
a) NOx content: 0 ppm;
b) Lambda binary: 1200 mV (at the same time Lambda linear: 1.00)
Both parameters confirm – the sensor is not online; it does not send the data.
Pay attention also to the Shubabshaltung. If this value is 0: DME has not confirmed the Offset value of the NOx data. Also, these are bad news:
a) either this value is incorrect (the sensor is damaged – clogged);
b) or – the sensor has never been Online.

And here, what do we found in the error message list:

Status of the error message: active. Here also the confirmation of the problem! DME does not recognize the sensor. Of course – if the ID of the sensor and/or the format of the data is inappropriate, DME will not even try to turn on the sensor. Wasted time and money by installing such a sensor.

In the end: one more interesting nuance.

Typical error messages of the OEM sensors:

2AF2 nitric oxide sensor, Lambda linear
2AF4 NOx sensor, electrical
2AF6 nitric oxide sensor, Lambda binary

By installing such an “OEM” sensor, these error messages disappear, and it is firmly possible that the seller says – here, the problem solved! The error messages went. Oh, the error message regarding the version appeared? Small thing! Just drive, everything is fine!
Actually – the error message regarding version describes such a fundamental defect that other error messages con not even appear – DME simply ignores such a sensor!

Remember – NOx sensors have NEVER been manufactured in China! As all sensors look the same, their software is different! For example, the sensor, intended for the BMW F series, will not suit E series N43/53 engines; also, the NOx sensors from diesel engines will not work!