One of the users of N43/N53 series engines has purchased the injector on eBay.

Location of the injector: UK. Price: around EUR 300, also seems plausible.
Let’s see images, which are placed in the advertisement.

And here, I marked with red the part of the injector, which deserves special attention. Why – read below!

As we see, the metal shines! As new! In addition, in the last third closest to the injector body, the shine changes! Here, also in this part of the injector – everything polished to shine!

And here:

View of the injector from the other side. And again – everything polished. Even more – in this image, you can clearly see the signs of polishing! Do the manufacturer really would make such an effort? Polished the injectors?
And now let’s see how the injector, shipped to the customer, looks:

First notice – BMW does not put ANY Security seals! This sticker is the “addition” of the eBay seller.
In addition, the most exciting part – when the injector is taken out of the (matt) box, the “guarantee” is not valid anymore! I would understand if such a seal would be put on the connector of the injector. Then it would be clear – the customer can make sure that the injector is new and has not been used in the engine. The existence of such a seal for me seems more than suspicious.
But, even via the matt box, we can see:

Please, pay attention to this part of the injector:

and compare with a “sample” in the second image above!
And here – one more excellent image from the received injector:

Do you see the fundamental difference from the “sample? Yes, new OEM injectors with a slight impression of soot in the welding places. But – not with so much soot! In addition – why the “sample” was so polished? The original injectors do not shine like this; there is no need to polish them!

Now let’s see the nozzle part of the purchased injector:

Pay attention to these details:

a. the QR code has appeared on the injector nozzle! I haven’t seen anything like that on the original injectors;
b. the nozzle is slightly thinner than the “connecting element”, which is soldered in the cylinder of the injector. For the original injectors, the sizes of both details are even.

In the images below – one more suspicious obstacle.

Pay attention:

It looks that the injector has been pressed in some “processing” tool (for example, lathe). But these can also be the consequences of the use in some engines – it would be worth checking in some experiments, does the engine block leaves any scratches, if yes – what kind of scratches.
Do really new OEM injectors look like this? But the start was so promising – non-China seller, high (appropriate for OEM) price…