This entry – is a brief insight into the business of the “alternative” NOx sensors.

The company from China, which claims that they have developed the technology of the NOx sensors, is called ZHEJIANG BAIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
The company’s sales department is diligently looking for customers from all around the world. On the company’s web, they claim that in 2017, their specialist managed to develop the NOx sensor. Prices of the NOx sensors are around 60 .. 70 USD (MOQ 100pcs). Of course, you should add delivery & customs charges to this number.
There is a range of resellers who are swarming around this company. One of the largest: is D&E Enterprise CO., Limited.
If buying the NOx sensors from this company, you already have to reckon with a price increase of 30 .. 100%, but the MOQ is lower.
The creators of, for example, company AMPRO Technologie GmbH have moved one more step forward. The company is located in Germany (EU), which creates the impression that the company is not simply reselling NOx sensors made in China, but – almost the European quality and technologies implemented in the product. Unfortunately, illusions are superfluous – even on the webpage, the same images from the previously mentioned Chinese site are used. If you buy sensors from this “manufacturer”, the price has increased to around EUR 150/piece. But – no problems with delivery & customs costs. And the personnel is communicating in understandable language. True though, the quality of the product – still as it is…
The morality of this entry is simple. You, as the “end-user”, can choose:
a. purchase the NOx sensor, made in China, via some 3 .. 5 resellers, each of whom earns 50 .. 100%, simply “moving boxes”;
b. the same, made in China, NOx sensor, from the manufacturer via only one reseller, allowing the reseller to make the margin of around 1000%.
You have a wide range of choices. I will understand if you are feeling quite a “hangover” after reading this entry.
P.S. I have received the “cooperation offer” from all these companies, so I can safely say – yes, it is the same NOx sensor sold by all these “innovators”.