As the genuine DME developed by BMW, it does not report misfire counters within an EDIABAS system. Obviously, it is done to maximize the burden of the specialists of BMW service centers with the performance of the diagnostics.

Good, that there is an OBD standard, in its Mode 6 MSD87 reports (is forced to report) misfire counters. But it gives nothing to the dealer centers and specialized service centers of BMW because they are allowed to use ISTA and only ISTA. Nothing else.

Unfortunately, ScanMaster-ELM ver. 2.1 (an old release, but widely available on the Internet free of charge) is not able to read the data of this DME in Mode 6. I tried different connections of the adapter (WiFi; USB), several laptops – without any success.

A much better situation is with OBD Facile software. This software correctly read misfire counters, using WiFi and USB connection ELM adapters (the same, which were used for ScanMaster-ELM software test).

Unfortunately, to read Mode 6 data, you have to purchase a paid license, but – if you work with an F series BMW (or are the lucky owner of it), several tenths of EUR should not be an obstacle.

I tried out, what Repair plan is offered by ISTA D/+ if the MSD87 error message memory contains the error message regarding uneven performance (due to misfires in one cylinder, the guilty – ignition coil). I had to conclude – nothing has changed since E series MSD80! This algorithm can be described with one word: FAIL. How it manifests, read here.