After a certain time, I remembered the interesting case, which is described here: Part 1

I decided to write this entry because… Also, the sequel of the story is something unprecedented.

When starting the diagnostics, the owner of the car strictly told me that there are new ignition coils and spark plugs installed! I had no reason not to believe him. He, in turn, trusted his mechanic. 

After the fact that the mechanic has simply deleted the adaptations but did not readapt the engine (obviously, he didn’t have basic knowledge), the owner of the car has decided to check how the mechanic (as if) replaced part look alike.

Here, the view of the ignition coils:

The situation looks more than interesting. As you see, the ignition coil of cylinder No.4 looks strongly worn out.  

Ignition coils of cylinders No.3; 5 & 6 have “older” markings, additionally to newer ones – numbers. Without illusions – these ignition coils have been in other cylinders, and for sure – they are not brand new!

The ignition coil of cylinder No.5 has some strange green stains. Leftovers of a green-colored cooling liquid?

Here, the ignition coils of the 2-nd bank are in close-up. All of them are used, with a different “life experience”. With a high possibility – gathered from different vehicles, because part of them has the old marking, one of them – has not. Signs of wear – different.

Here, the ignition coils of the 1-st bank. Also, the ignition coil of cylinder No.1 looks more “experienced” than the others, one of which has two markings.

This time I don’t want to be a detective and try to understand in which stage of communication the “misunderstanding” has happened. Of course, I spent extra time while analyzing data of the misfire counters, but the most interesting part of this story is another obstacle. 

In the first part of the story, I put the images of misfire counters, which indicated that cylinders No.5 and No.6 have a huge density of misfires, but for cylinder No.4, instead, everything is fine. But – these were the data with unadapted flywheel (and also – engine). When the engine was readapted, misfire counters started to indicate a problem in cylinder No.4, which is quite logical if we take into account the technical condition of the ignition coil of this cylinder.

Sentence of this entry – unfortunately, also such can happen. I do not know if the mechanic considered, that the replacement of the ignition coils can manifest in such a way – gathering some used ignition coils from a scrapyard. Maybe there was a communication error between the mechanic and the owner of the car. Yes, unfortunately, there are still many mechanics who think that the ignition coils are in perfect condition till the moment they “dissolve” when you take them in your hands. Many of them think that the readaptation of the engine is, pardon my French, bullshit, which does not apply to them. Here is a perfect example that they are wrong.

Yes, if you “repair” the car in such a manner, it can happen that you will have to replace everything – ignition coils, spark plugs, injectors- with rounds. There are enough such examples also. 

Finally – after replacing the ignition coils (and now truly replacing) and readapting the engine, it restored Stratified charge; all problems with uneven performance disappeared.