As you see, in addition to the component blocks (which was in this block for MSD80) is included also deleting of the adaptations.



The menu is related to MSD80, so I will mention only differences.



Unlike MSD80 (in its menu the temperatures of the coolant were displayed), in this menu, the thermostat heating is displayed, but the engine and/or the coolant temperatures – gone.





Here, also the water pump menu has “suffered” – instead of its management PWM now the RPM of the pump (also – a virtual value, which is not measured) is displayed.





In this menu, the PWM of the cooling fan, engine and coolant temperature and incorrect coolant temperature, reported by the water pump is displayed.



This menu is analog to MSD80 – Lambda target values (confirmation of the desulfation session) and contamination of the NOx catalytic converter can be seen.







Unfortunately, this menu indicates incorrect job.









Below – some tests (different from MSD80), available in Systemtest menu



Closed/open loop switching option.



Menu of the cylinder disconnection. Unfortunately, this menu works improperly. It looks, that job is chosen 1:1 as for ISTA (also in ISTA this menu don’t work as it is supposed to).
F9 (not F8) – returning management to the DME.