Here, three as if iCOM NEXT PCB, but – different…


Version 1


Version 2

Placement of plugs as if coincide:

on the right side – plug for connection with a car;

on the left side – plug for connection with MOST, USB, LAN.


Both devices as if iCOM NEXT.


On the image above – “analog” from the People’s Republic of China. As we see, chipsets in TQFP bodies are used, in truth, it’s iCOM A2 (the old model), placed in a “nice” body.


In the image below – OEM iCOM. Technologies of higher density and complicity are used, the chipset in BGA bodies. WiFi module of small size can be seen.


Instead, the WiFi module of 1-st version look’s like this (it’s placed in a slot):

Version 3

This is one more interpretation of citizens of the People’s Republic of China regarding the topic “let’s place the old model of iCOM in a new body”. In this version, they haven’t even tried to transform rhombic PDB of the “second floor”. And in this case, WiFi is not even intended.


Soo looked alike the rhombic PCB iCOM A2 in the execution of China:


Also, the connection of the optic is more than strange (it’s not created) – but these are only technical “stuff”. In this version, connections of optic and LAN ar as if switched by places – actually PCB is placed in the body “upside down”.


Here, in such position (awry) the PCB was placed in China iCOM A2:

From my experience with China iCOM A1, I can say: the quality of PCB was acceptable; unfortunately, the quality of mechanical works – miserable. I was happy to screw the unit closed and state, that it still works. I don’t take chance to open it repeatedly.


Needless to say with 99,9% possibility, only OEM iCom has a Gigabit LAN connection and other features, which are typical to iCOM NEXT.


If someone desires, he can purchase iCOM A2 also in such construction set:

Here, also Actia labels – just like the original!