Encoding NOx sensor replacement, using ISTA D

  1. Start new session in ISTA D, perform the identification of vehicle and a test:

BMW ISTA start new session

2.   open menu Vehicle management:

BMW ISTA vehicle management menu

3.   open menu Service function:

BMW ISTA Service menu

4.   open sub-menu Power train, press Start search:

BMW ISTA Powertrain menu

5.   open sub-menu Engine Electronics:

BMW ISTA Engine Electronics menu

6.   open sub-menu Nitrogen oxide catalytic converter:

BMW ISTA NOx converter menu

7.  choose the option Exchange nitrogen oxide catalytic converter, press Start Search:

BMW ISTA NOx exchange menu

BMW ISTA NOx exchange menu

8.   choose the option Nitrogen oxide catalytic converter: Replacement, press Display:

BMW ISTA NOx replacement menu

BMW ISTA NOx replacement menu

9.   open sub-menu Replacing the nitrogen oxide sensor:

10.   choose the option Replacing the nitrogen oxide sensor, follow the directions of ISTA D  (confirm deleting of adaptations and encoding of new NOx sensor):

BMW ISTA NOx converter replacement menu

Follow the instructions very carefully! ISTA D don’t displays any notifications, if the adapatations are not finished successfuly. If deleting of adaptations was successful, you will see notice “adaptation process is finished”. If ISTA D does not displays notice “adaptation process is finished” after the attempt to delete the adaptations, repeat the procedure once again.


Delete error messages, using ISTA D

From main menu select Display Fault memory, then press Delete Fault memory.