This entry – about a newcomer to the oscilloscope market. At the beginning of the Year 2021, I noticed that the Chinese manufacturer started to promote a Tablet oscilloscope. I haven’t noticed such a model before, so I was double interested. A new model?

I downloaded the User manual; here is the confirmation:

As you see, the User manual is brand new, dated September 2020.

And here, the oscilloscope itself:

Link to the product:

The oscilloscope is available in 2 and 4 channel versions, with a band of 70/100/120MHz

Things that caught my attention:

a. 45.000 waveforms/sec;

b. 40M points memory depth;

c. 14/16bit vertical resolution (true though, only in the most expensive configurations).

Additionally: advanced trigger; powerful math (FFT, other measurements), decoding of serial interfaces, etc.

Interesting nuances:

a. the oscilloscope has a touchscreen, but the basic parameters can be set, using buttons too – it is convenient;

b. for setting both – vertical & horizontal resolutions and other parameters – the “wheels” are used. True though, in the pictures, these “wheels” look quite small; I’m not sure if they are easy and convenient to use. 

No videos regarding this oscilloscope are available yet, not even talking regarding any reviews.

It looks that Ovon has presented itself in the segment of professional Tablet oscilloscopes. Everything depends on how high will be the quality of development and maintenance of the software. Anyway, if the data of technical possibilities correspond the reality, there is no doubt – this tool is worth your attention. 

Price segmentation: starting with USD 399.