The owner of (as if) the N53 series engine approached me. As if – because the truth turned out to be different.
The actual situation – “everything is bad”. The engine works unsatisfactorily; after deleting adaptations, it is not even able to maintain the idle.
I asked him to send me the diagnostics data. Here are several pictures (several because in other ones, there are only zeros – DME is not able to create the adaptations).

Here, DME hasn’t managed to create the basic adaptations. Where is the problem?

Here, the fuel mixture adaptations are completely “crooked”. Offset LTFT – not confirmed. Integration of the 2nd bank – incorrect; the probes are giving controversial readings.

Here is the mechanical efficiency of cylinders. ALL cylinders are working incorrectly!
The reason for all this?

Here, the flowrate adaptations in Stratified charge. It is not possible to identify any injector which works correctly! The flowrate of injectors differs even by 50 .. 60%! How is that possible?

Here are the images of the injectors:

Here starts the most interesting part.
It turned out that the car was bought in an auction. The person, who was sending the data to me, is a service specialist who has performed some “preparations” already. What kind of “preparations”?
All old injectors (they were of 06 release) have been given to “test”. Three injectors are recognized as “damaged”; the three ones left – are installed in cylinders No.4, No. 5, and No.6. In the first three cylinders, other “excellent” injectors are installed. Unfortunately, the situation got worst with every maneuver.
So – the workshop has purchased injectors of 01 and 02 release, 14 (!) years old! Their place has been in the scrapyard for a long time already (and normally, they had to be replaced without charge during the recall campaign)! In addition, as we see, there are several inscriptions written with markers. Obviously, the past of these injectors is quite colorful – they have been in at least 3 engines (not counting this one). Yes, these museum exhibits have problems, but the three “good” injectors of the 06 release have even larger problems!
What happened to these three injectors of the 06 release (13 years old)? We see other victims of the “tests”. The microparticles, which were floating in the test liquid (“washed” from injectors previously tested in the liquid), have gotten into the nozzles of the injectors.
And for a dessert – data from the NOx sensor

As we see, the NOx sensor has not reached the Online mode. Yes, the used “analog” has been installed. When I indicated the defect, the service worker said – small thing, we will disconnect this system! Say, something here and there, but… As I can guess, the budget was already spent a long time ago.
At this moment, I recognized this case as hopeless and made a refund for diagnostics costs.
This time the repairs will not be cheap. On the contrary – it has been done everything to increase the repair costs. Unfortunately, wonders don’t happen in technical issues…
Suggestion: diagnostics should be the first step in the work list – not only at the moment when everything has been screwed up already.