After installing the NOx emulator and coding of new NOx sensor and NOx catalytic converter, you can check the performance of NOx emulator, if needed.


Conditions for Online (data transmit) mode of NOx emulator:

a) successfully finished adaptations (as described here) after replacement

b) engine warmed up to work temperature

c) exhaust temperature at least 220 oC

d) driving with the speed at least 20 km/h

e) conditions a..d are kept at least within two minutes



Detailed description.

Turn on the engine and heat it to work temperature.

Start driving. Check your car’s engine temperature: ../F5/F2/F6.


After few minutes of driving temperature should be 90 .. 105 oC.


Open menu of NOx concentration / exhaust temperature:

  • ../F5/Shift+F2: INPA with MSD80 loader 1.01
  • ../F5/Shift+F2/F1: INPA with MSD80 loader 2.023

Heat up the exhaust system till (at least) 220 oC (bar No.1 in the image).

Note: conditions (engine and exhaust system temperature readings) mentioned above are compulsory requirements for normal operation of NOx emulator.



Drive your car with speed at least 20 km/h.

Approximately one .. two minutes after the temperature of exhaust gases reach 220 oC (Bar No.1 in the image), the NOx emulator will switch on:

  • the concentration of NOx (Bar No.2 in the image) will become different from 0 ppm;
  • Lambda value (Bar No.4 in the image) will display the amount of oxygen measured in the exhaust.

Pay attention to Offset value in Overrun mode (Bar No.3 in the image): it will be from 0 to 5 ppm, typically: 1 .. 3 ppm.

If Offset value is out of 0 .. 5 ppm range: NOx sensor was not encoded! Please, encode NOx sensor.

If Offset value is 0 ppm after several driving sessions:

a) drive your car at 70 .. 100km/h

b) switch 4..6th gear (use manual mode)

c) release accelerator pedal for 5 ..8 seconds


If the above mentioned matches your situation – the NOx emulator performs as it supposed to!


Download as PDF


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