In my everyday work, I use only some articles from a wide assortment of Bosch products. But, there are two articles, which are consumed in significant amounts:

  • ignition coils;
  • LSU 4.9 Lambda wideband probes.

Both products are packed in the boxes and sealed with a hologram.


Here, how the original Bosch package of the ignition coils looks like:

And so looks the package of LSU 4.9:

I checked several tenths of LSU 4.9 holograms – indeed, the code on each box is unique!

To check code on the hologram, visit the website:

The code has to be entered in capital letters without space.
In the case of successful entry, you will see the following inscription:

Instead, if the code is incorrect or the product is a potential fake, the inscription will be:

Of course, the hologram does not give 100% protection against forgery. Also, there “solutions” are possible:

  • for example, the boxes of the ignition coils can be disassembled (from the bottom part); accordingly – the original ignition coil can be replaced with a substitute. Of course, such a solution will work only in individual cases fo fraud;
  • the forgers can put the same (previously checked) holograms on the whole batch. Accordingly – when purchasing several items, make sure that the hologram codes differ. If the codes are the same – it is a fake product without any doubt;
  • the forgers can initially purchase a whole batch (or in some other way obtain the entire batch of the product with different code combinations) and put as if different (but repeating) holograms.
    Here we have to hope that the Bosch servers count, from how many IP addresses/locations each code is checked, and in case of numerous cases of attempts to check the same come, it (the code) is blocked and put in a blacklist. Anyway, the OneIdentity server asks permission to send the location of the user, which means – the service has information regarding the location of the check-up.

Not taking into account all flaws, holograms will protect you from purchasing cheap fakes!
Check the package, even if the spare part is bought prom large and reliable supplier.