The previous entry of this topic (here) was an example, how does the N53 series engine look if the adaptations are unsuccessfully performed with ISTA D. 

This time – the same engine, when the adaptations have been made correctly, using INPA.

With green, I marked all important parameters, which are now correct (and wasn’t before).

Here, the learnbits:

DME has successfully accomplished all (fuel mixture/injectors) adaptations.

Here. The fuel mixture adaptations for the banks:

In the menu, you see correct Offsite and Multiple type bank adaptations. Control probes confirm the correct Stoichiometric mixture, so – also the wideband probes are trimmed correctly. Integrators – very close to 0. Excellent!

Here, the mechanical efficiency of cylinders:

All cylinders are working correctly. The common fuel mixture – correct.

Here, the NOx sensor menu:

The NOx sensor confirms the correct common fuel mixture, the Offset value in Overrun mode is correctly confirmed.

And finally – measurements of the injectors.

Injector measurements for the Homogeneous mode:

The injector measurements in Stratified charge, idle:

And here – measurements of the injectors in Stratified charge, partial load mode:

As you see, the injectors have been measured! Not without reason all parameters are marked green – they are correct.

As the owner of the car reports: “The car feels really good”.