Today’s patient – the N43 series engine. The owner’s complaints: regularly switched off cylinders, vibration, misfire, increased fuel consumption.
The NOXEM has been recently installed; before that – 3 injectors have been “updated”. Two were “professionally” refurbished, and the third was utterly new. All were purchased via eBay from a reliable seller with 100% positive feedback. What could go wrong?
Let’s start with the error message list.

As we see – yes, several cylinders are switched off. In all cases – incorrect LTFT and STFT values. Even in the thermostat (thermal management) error message, incorrect LTFT values for both banks can be seen.
Let’s continue with the diagnostics data.

Learnbits indicate serious problems. DME has not managed to create bank adaptations; no injector adaptations for the cold engine and warm engine in Stratified charge mode were successful.
Injector flowrate data indicate abnormal differences (more than +/-20 .. 35%, or even a 60+% difference between the injectors).
LTFT values – catastrophic; mechanical efficiency of cylinders – incorrect. Lambda values are incorrect; the Integrators can not “pull” a correct fuel mixture.
Unfortunately, the diagnosis is precise and harsh – the injectors are unsuitable for use.
Let’s see how the purchased injectors look:

Here are the refurbished injectors. Manufactured 7 .. 8 years ago. These injectors even have the new encoding data included. Unfortunately, as we see, live data show a completely different picture…
And this is a completely “new” injector:

The imprint on the injector shows something else – it was manufactured in the Year 2010 – 12 (!) years ago. Another nuance – 12 years ago, there was no release 11. Third – injectors of release 11 were NEVER manufactured with a black body (there is even a particular remark regarding it in TIS). And finally – a “new” injector has other/different encoding data added? How so?
Conclusions? The injector is a cheap fake!
This is how purchasing these “excellent” injectors resulted – in wasted money and, most probably, destroyed CO catalytic converters.