Here, excellent injectors from China!

As you see, the encoding data of the injectors are different – that look’s ok. It means there are no fake numbers (the same for all injectors) Stamped. If you watch more carefully, you will notice that not everything is right with the injector marking!

Here, the last number and the release number have been polished off, then – repainted again. The new digits are slightly larger; they don’t fit precisely in the same place. At the same time – these digits are printed with professional equipment! They are not “homemade”!
It does not pay off to program expensive and specific printing equipment for the printing of several injectors. It looks that the Chinese have taken the case seriously,
Don’t buy such “refurbished” injector fakes. The piezo injectors CAN NOT be refurbished!
With such old, used and a long time ago rejected injectors, you will only cause quite serious losses. What kind of losses?
All sensors in the exhaust. Costs: around EUR 500.
Damaged CO catalytic converters. Costs: around EUR 1500 .. 2000.