You could see how the injectors are “upgraded” by professionals from China in the previous entry.
Now, let’s see what generally “happens” with these injectors, intended for N54/N63 engines.
BMW code: 1353 7585261
Here, the screenshot from RealOEM:

What, please? Since 2013, these injectors are replaced with another one! For 8 years already!
And now – let’s see one example (from many) on eBay. Here, “new injectors” with a code 1353 8616079. As if OEM. In the original boxes.

And even as if good references!

Here, the original box. The correct code. A perfect purchase!

What, please? In the box, the spare part is complete with a different code! And already previously noticed, slightly different “upgrade” of the code and release number.
In the Year 2012, there was no release 12 yet! All countless advertisements with these injectors of code 1353 7585261 are fakes! And, as you see, the fakers are going further – they sell these injectors in as if original boxes, as if with the new code! A professional work!
Additionally, such fake injectors are not sold only by the privates on eBay and other advertising vortals. These injectors are bought by many larger and smaller shops, which sell car spare parts worldwide!
Obviously, some company from China has bought the injectors, dismantled them a long time ago in withdrawal campaigns (no illusions – there was a lot of them, because there is a huge number of cars manufactured with these engines, and during the first years, all of them had withdrawal campaigns), “upgraded” the marking and sold them again. This is not a “dark corner” faking case, but a professional set-up business measured in tens, even hundreds of millions of USD.
And finally – you think only one company from China has earned big money? It is naive!

Here, this is another company – only the release number has been polished off and repainted, but the last digit of the code has been left the same.