Not without a reason, experienced servicemen suggest – perform full car maintenance directly after the purchase, don’t rely on information from the previous owner, records in the service book or BMW Online databases. People tend to lie (or “forget” to tell some things), service book and Online records are been faked very often.


At this case, the buyer of E90 (engine N53B30) made the right decision. Despite the fact that both record in the KOMBI and data in service book as if indicated, that the oil has been changed just before the selling this car, he decided to do it repeatedly. True thou, I had to remark, the additional argument for the oil change was a need to replace a defective oil level & quality sensor.

When draining the oil, which was “just now changed”, we had to conclude, that it wasn’t changed recently, it wasn’t changed even 5 .. 10.000 km, or even 15.000 km before. First time in my life I see such weared-out oil.


Here, see the images of oil and oil filter by yourself!

The oil filter is completely polluted, its permeability was so low, that it already started to deform. On the bottom part of the filter, you can see a huge amount of sediment and dirt.

The oil – completely black. Even when allowed to run off (for at least 10 seconds), it leaves a very black imprint. The viscosity (its slippering), which is typical for oil, could not be felt at all when touching this liquid with fingers.


This time I will not mention the saloon, from which the car was purchased. The reason is very simple – this is a typical situation when buying a used car. None of the typical car saloons (resellers) performs the maintenance of cars and nobody cares regarding reliability of service books and also mileage. To be more specific – the better the service book is “updated” and the lower the milage is – the easier it is to sell a vehicle.

The only solution in this situation – perform full maintenance of the car directly after purchase.