Very simple task – as relaxation. Not only users of BMW E60, but also owners of other BMW models are complaining, that the windshield washing is not OK.

Even YouTube videos don’t give a clear view, how the windshield should be washed.


In the video below you can see “standard” situation for E60/E61 LCI: each of window washers sprinkles two jets in the bottom part of the windshield, accordingly the right part of the passenger’s side windshield is not washed at all.



And now next video: how the washing of the windshield should actually perform.



As you see, actually each of the washers sprinkles 4 (four) jets! Two in the middle are stronger, two on the sides – weaker. All jets – in the equal distance one from other, on one line on the windshield.


Here the typical image from Realoem:

Position No.12 – filter. Not installed! Accordingly – dirt, calcium: the side (small) nozzles are clogged quite quickly.