If somebody still had doubts that sooner or later, the China entrepreneurs would start to “stamp” injectors for N43/N53 engines on an industrial level, now you can be sure – it has happened! 

Here, one of the links

A bit strange that the Chinese indicate these injectors as intended for diesel engines. Small thing. Let’s see what else interesting we can find on this “reliable” web source. 

In the image – is a screenshot from the video

This time, we are talking of counterfeits, not simply refurbished injectors. What does it suggest of it?

a. production volumes. At is claimed that are around 10.000 units a year. Yes, of course, these could also be scammers, but together with the video and additional images, it looks pretty plausible that the injectors are “stamped” in large amounts;

b. the font of the inscriptions is slightly “gothic” and does not correspond to the original; Made in Italy – bullshit, of course;

c. injectors of the 11th release have never had a black body; even more – since release 04, the color of the body was intentionally changed from black to grey to make it easy to identify the injectors, which were replaced in the newer releases during the exchange program;

d. the manufacturing year of these injectors is 2012, which means 10 years ago. The Chinese haven’t even taken their time to find out, what the vertically printed numbers mean, and simply have copied this information from an old injector;

e. encoding data are the same for all injectors! In the image, we see two pieces with identical encoding data, but all 6+ injectors have the same data in the video!

f. encoding data are incorrect! You will not manage to input the number 128 as the delay parameter (fly time/Delay) in the DME because the minimal accepted number is 153.

Here is another image from this link

As you see, these injectors were “manufactured” in the Year 2011. You will be able to input coding data in DME, but it is clear that they are “not necessary”. Because the whole batch in the image (which doesn’t look photoshopped) has the exact data for all injectors.

And one more nice image

this injector also is manufactured in the Year 2012. Encoding data of the injector (385) are not legit for input in the DME memory because the max allowed number is 288. 

What conclusions I am making from these images:

a. the Chinese really are “stamping” these injectors in large batches;

b. they don’t have a clue or even the slightest interest regarding encoding data of the injectors (needless to say, that injectors are not measured in that case); the whole batch has the exact numbers; in addition, these numbers are not in the allowed limits;

c. as the batched of injectors (typically) have different encoding data. The problem with identical encoding data (which gives away the counterfeit quickly) is “solved” when the seller takes injectors from different batches. The only negligence was taking pictures and filming injector batches with identical encoding. But – doesn’t seem that someone cares. 

Such injectors are the fastest way to lose money and damage, at a minimum, the exhaust of the car or, in the worst scenario, even a piston group!

Isn’t it a great purchase? 

P.S. addition. The “basis” of these excellent injectors are the old release injectors, which a long time ago were collected from the BMW user on the exchange program. Why do I think so?

Pay attention to the connecting elements (where the fuel tube should be screwed). They are different! If the injectors were manufactured “on the spot”, they would be the same.

The “real” injectors of later releases are all grouped! Part of the injectors have the grouping data, typical for the original injectors punched on the metal body with a dot press. I m sure that after a specific time, the manufacturer started to group the injectors by some particular parameter (for example, by some technological parameter, for example, the internal diameter of the nozzle). 

And finally – accordingly to the data on injectors body, they are 10 years old (manufactured in 2012!).