This time – quite a funny case.
The owner of the N43 series engine approached me. Injector data indicate a complete “mess”. Massive flow rate corrections; leaking in idle, etc.
Three of the injectors turned out to be refurbished. Not a surprise that they were performing poorly. The situation with the fourth injector was more interesting. According to the vehicle’s owner, it was installed a year ago, in the local Bosch service, in Germany. Here, the funny part of the entry starts:

Here is the “funny” injector.

First objection – these injectors (release 09) have NEVER been in black bodies. The injectors of the oldest releases, which had to be replaced IMMEDIATELY, were in black bodies. This nuance is especially marked in TIS.

So – it’s a fake. But the most exciting hides in the digits printed vertically, next to the QR code.
These digits are the manufacture date of the injector, format YY/MM/DD.
Here, the injector was “manufactured” on 63rd March 2015. Am I the only one who feels the forgers have mixed up the calendar?
The moral of this entry – each job has to be done carefully! Faithful thou, these digits did not seem strange to the staff of the Bosch service nor the owner of the car.