Bug observed for ISTA+ (ver. 4.10.20), but, it’s very possible, that also other ISTA D and other ISTA+ versions have it.


The “essence” of the bug: after as if successful encoding of the injector(s) for MSD80, actually the coding is marked as unsuccessful.


The consequences: DME works in hard limp mode – for a long time the warming of Lambda probes in not started (they are not used). LTFT is not confirmed, individual adaptations of cylinders are not performed, etc.


Preconditions for this bug: when trying to save new coding data of the injector(s):

  • the correct condition of DME status has not been reached during previous tries (ignition: ON; engine: OFF);
  • problems with communication (PC to DME);
  • possibly – also attempt to input incorrect data during previous tries (with incorrect checksum).

Notice: no error messages in the error message memory of DME! Also, ISTA+ confirms saving of correct encoding.


A detailed description of the bug.

When trying to encode one or several injectors, in first attempt the data are stored, not ensuring the correct status of DME (for example, ignition is OFF, or the engine runs), or there are communication problems at the moment when data are stored. ISTA+ displays notification, that the exact data is ”Not O.K.” and displays notice”Could not save data”. After repeated/correct attempt (ensuring the correct status of DME) data as if are confirmed, ISTA+ displays correct stored data.

Bug persists also in the case, if in last (correct) attempt new data are entered repeatedly (and they are correct).

After as if the correct encoding of the injectors, the re-adaptation of the engine is performed. For this reason, all adaptations have to be deleted with INPA, new flywheel adaptations are created.

Problem – after creating new flywheel adaptations, when starting a new driving session, heating of the wideband (later also – control) probes don’t start. The situation is not improved also several attempts to put DME in the sleep mode and repeated start of the driving session.


Solution: using ISTA+, repeatedly encode ALL injectors, carefully following the status of DME in the moment of saving the data. If encoding of the injectors was successful, in the next driving session DME immediately will start to warm up the probes (by condition, that the adaptations of the flywheel are completed successfully).


Notice: new driving session – before it the DME was put in the sleep mode (lighting of start/stop button – turned off).