NOXEM series NOx emulator will restore the initial power, economy and smooth run of your car’s engine!

an alternative for OEM NOx sensors:




developed for:


N43 & N53


BMW Models

BMW 1 Series

E81 | E81 LCI | E82

E87 LCI | E88 

BMW 3 Series

E90 | E90 LCI | E91 | E91 LCI

E92 | E92 LCI | E93 | E93 LCI

BMW 5 Series     

E60 LCI | E61 LCI | F10 | F11

BMW 6 Series     

E63 LCI | E64  LCI

BMW Engines

BMW N43 Series engine

N43B16 | N43B20

116i | 118i | 120i | 318i | 320i | 520i

BMW N53 Series engine

N53B25 | N53B30

325i | 330i | 523i | 525i | 530i | 630i (E series)

523i | 528i | 530i (F series)


NOx Emulator


Fuel economy 

Smooth idle

Even run at mid/high loads

Full functionality of engine

No more:

30E9; 30EA; 2EAE; 2AF2; 2AF6; 30DA; 30E0; 30E6; 180401; 12C704; etc..

The solution

for engine problems

NOx converter error messages:

30EA; 30E9 (for E series)

180401 (for F series)

NOx sensor error messages:

2AF2; 2AF4; 2AF6; 2EAE

Increased fuel consumption

Rough idle, uneven run and misfires

Difficult start of cold engine

Save money

No need to replace

the NOx catalytic converter!

Save 2000 .. 3000 EUR

No more never-ending stories:

injectors replacement

ignition coils replacement

spark plugs replacement

Lambda probes replacement…


129 | 130 | 402

Alternative for




Plug and play

Lifetime up to 300’000 km

Over-voltage and wrong polarity protection

Industrial temperature range components

If you drive BMW with petrol N43/N53 series engine and the engine

  • runs unevenly in idle and/or on the go, in cold and/or hot condition;
  • the fuel consumption is higher than it used to be,

pay attention to error messages stored in the engine control unit. If the error messages regarding NOx system

  • NOx catalytic converter aging and/or sulphurising: 30E9 and/or 30EA (E series) or 180401 (F series),
  • defects of NOx sensor: 2EAE; 30DA; 30E0; 30E4 (E series); 12C704; 12C208 (F series), etc., are stored

replace the OEM NOx sensor with NOXEM series NOx emulator!

The original NOx sensor costs at least EUR 550, NOx catalytic converter – EUR 5000 .. 7000, a lifetime of both items typically do not exceed 100’000 km.

The cost of NOXEM NOx emulator is lower than the cost of NOx sensor, the average lifetime of it – at least 300’000 km, and there is no need to replace the expensive NOx catalytic converter! In addition – thanks to lower fuel consumption, NOXEM NOx emulator will fully payback after 30’000 .. 40’000 km. 

The installation of NOXEM NOx emulator is quick and simple, it doesn’t require intervention in the electronics and exhaust system. You will be able to switch back to the original exhaust solution at any moment if you will decide to do that.

Here you can find detailed information about the most popular N43/N53 series engine problem and here – how to check NOx system performance (E series) (F series).

Attention! NOXEM restores the normal performance of the NOx system, which is one of the main conditions for correct engine performance. Affirmation for the successful performance of NOXEM – no new error messages regarding NOx sensor in the memory of MSD80/MSD81/MSD87 (exception for MSD87: 12C401, detailed information read here). However, NOXEM does not guarantee the excellent performance of the engine, if the engine has others, not related to NOx system, defects and/or the required coding procedures, as described here and here, after installing NOXEM are not performed correctly/not performed at all. If you have doubts, that your choice to buy NOXEM, is correct, please, get in touch with Bimmerprofs via e-mail and include an exact description of your problem: screenshots of the INPA error message list, live data, etc.
Bimmerprofs offers help with online diagnostics for BMW E and F series customers. For more information click here.

Note: Problems with NOx system (NOx sensor and/or NOx catalytic converter) usually are the reason of following errors (E series; typical situation):

  • 29CD .. 29D2: misfires of Xth cylinder;
  • 29F4; 29F5: efficiency of CO converter below threshold, Bank 1/2.

Also, error messages regarding fuel trim usually appear. Problems with NOx system also can be the reason of: error messages relating (individual or all) cylinders misfires; low efficiency of CO catalytic converter, 1st/2nd Bank; Lambda probes; incorrect fuel trim (cylinders individual or Bank).

List of affected vehicles

List of NOx system error messages

How to evaluate the performance of the NOx sensor (E series)

Diagnostics of NOx sensor (F series)

Replacement of NOx sensor

Reduce fuel consumption by 15 .. 20%

Compared with engine with problems (errors) relating to NOx catalytic converter and/or NOx sensor

Restore smooth operation on idle and at low load

Re-enable offset type LTFT at idle and cylinders individual mechanical and fuel mixture corrections

Restore smooth operation at mid/high loads

Re-enable normal operation of multiplicative type LTFT and cylinders individual fuel trims

Facilitates the start of a cold engine

Re-enable additional cold engine LTFT

No more problems and inexplicable error messages relating fuel trim, misfire, CO catalytic converters

NOXEM series NOx emulator is built using the highest quality components

  • Bosch’s latest-generation sensor is controlled and measured by ourselves developed analog control module which provides the highest accuracy of exhaust Lambda value. Now you can use NOx emulator Lambda data as reference
  • Up to 30V overvoltage and wrong supply polarity protection guarantees the highest resistance to car’s onboard voltage spikes
  • High precision reference frequency oscillator and industrial temperature grade components provide uninterruptible operation in a wide temperature range
  • High power oversized sensor control stage reduce heating and facilitate the operation of the electronics module at high temperatures
  • Double sealed construction with 5mm stainless steel base plate is a guaranty for long and safe operation in hard environment conditions

Electrical characteristics

  • Power supply: +9.0 .. +16.0V DC
  • Long-term over-voltage (1 hour): +24.0V DC
  • Short-term over-voltage (1 second): +30.0V DC
  • Wrong polarity short-term over-voltage (1 second): -30.0V DC
  • Maximal current consumption (+14.0V DC; +25oC): 2.5A
  • Average current consumption (+14.0V DC; +25oC): 0.8A
  • Operation temperature: -40oC .. +105oC

To each BMW enthusiast, we offer Online diagnostics

for N43/N53 engines!

How does ONLINE diagnostics works?

You are making screenshots using INPA and sending to us

We inspect all information and send back initial report

If necessary further inspection will be requested

Round 2 we inspect received information and give recommendations

We provide assistance until all the problems are soloved