To dispel any suspicions that I am slandering a respectable seller (refurbisher of the injectors), I offered the buyer the diagnostics of the performance of the engine pro bono. So – the buyer installed “new” injectors on his car, re-adapted it, and sent me the data. Well, what comes of it. 

To your attention – encoding data of the injectors: you can make sure that these are precisely the same injectors presented in previous entries regarding this issue (here and here).

Note: encoding data in the computer can differ after input (and usually they are different) for 1 .. 3 signs because the last digit in the encoding data in the unit of data integrity check.

And here is the error message regarding the encoding data of these injectors:

Performing the re-adaptation o the engine, the error messages regarding rich fuel mixture in the 2-nd bank and plausibility of the HPFP pump management were recorded in the DME error message memory. Both error messages (in combination) mean – one of the injectors in the 2-nd bank has leaked strongly, and HPFP had to apply additional effort to manage the Rail pressure!

And now, let’s see the common fuel mixture data:

All these primary data confirm:

a. injectors have a significant flowrate difference;

b. on the second bank, the injectors are leaking in idle;

c. the common fuel mixture is very rich (Lambda 0.94);

d. in the closed position, the injectors are strongly leaking (in Overrun mode Lambda is not 20+, but below 5).

Let’s see the mechanical efficiency of cylinders:

In this menu (cylinders are shown in firing order: 1/5/3/4/2/6):

a. mechanical efficiency of cylinders No. 2 and No.3 is increased (injectors are leaking);

b. 1st injector is leaking strongly;

c. mechanical efficiency of cylinder No.5 is strongly reduced. 

Approximately 15 .. 20% of fuel (and air leftover) is burned in the exhaust and damages it!

I have to add that the DME has not managed to complete a range of basic measurements. And now it’s time to check the individual data of the injectors. Here learnbits:

As we see, DME has not managed to complete even the initial setting of the Stratified charge. Also, the injector flowrate measurement in Homogeneous mode is not met. Differences in injector parameters appeared so large that DME interrupted that test. But we have injector data in Stratified charge:

In these data, we see:

a. the injector flowrate differences from the intended ones are enormous and overreaches even 25 .. 30%!

b. the difference of injector Delay parameters from the intended one is huge ann reaches even 2 .. 3 times!

It is not possible to separate one or two injectors that need to be replaced. Non-compliance with the parameters of all injectors is catastrophic!

And some more screenshots from the cold start. Cold start, in this case, means +4oC.

The injectors are leaking in both banks (Integrators are close to -30%); the mechanical efficiency of cylinders – is entirely incorrect! At least half of the fuel is trying to burn in the exhaust. 

Unfortunately, the only use of these injectors – is junk. Unsuccessfully spent EUR 1200, in addition, if these injectors would not be removed immediately, the expenses will grow by at least EUR 2000, because the CO2 catalytic converters also should be replaced!