One of the readers of my blog approached me for advice. He admitted that the purchase initially hadn’t raised any suspicions; only what he had read in my blog made him think twice. Why was he so sure regarding the purchase?
a. seller – large tuning company from the UK;
b. price of the injectors – high enough;
c. the injectors were delivered in new nice, original BMW boxes;
d. visually, the injectors really look new (precisely new, not, for example, polished).

Here, how he’s purchase looked like:

I have one fundamental objection – how is that possible that in the boxes are injectors with ANOTHER p/n?

Let’s open RealOEM database:

And here is the answer: injectors with the code *261 were manufactured until the end of 2013. Later they were replaced by a newer version with code *079.
Without options: these injectors are at least 8 years old (at the same time, if we trust data on injectors, they are manufactured in 2021!).
Obviously, someone has put his old injectors in the boxes of new injectors have successfully sold them. The situation is made more strange because such a purchase was received from a respectable company.