Quite often, I have to face the “professionality” of the dealer services across Europe, even the whole world. Quite often, the price of these mistakes is several thousand EUR. Of course, at the customer’s expense. In this case – quite a funny situation. The dealer found a solution of several-thousand EUR problem oncosts of several tenths of EUR.

Owner of the current car – technically educated person. He uses INPA to diagnose the engine of his vehicle. The vehicle is kept in good technical condition, its NOx system of N53 series engine is checked regularly. If necessary, the NOx sensor is replaced immediately! Recently the owner of the car noticed that the error message 30E9 is recorded in the DME error message memory, Stratified charge is not turned on anymore, different problems start to appear to the engine (increased fuel consumption, shivering, vibrations).

The owner of the car approached the dealer with this info. But, before we see what was recommended by the dealer, in short – what does the error message 30E9 mean.
Obviously, during long-term measurements, DME has come to the conclusion that the performance of the NOx catalytic converter is below the critical minimum. When there is any doubt about it, DME records the error message 30E9, turns off the Stratified charge for forever. All previously mentioned problems start to appear to the engine because with switching off the Stratified charge, no measuring of injector parameters is possible, no applying of the corrections to the injectors is possible. The error message 30e9 can not be deleted, its status is always active, and it restores immediately.

In case of this error message, according to the BMW regulations:

  • the NOx catalytic converter should be replaced;
  • the replacement of the NOx catalytic converter should be registered;
  • the error messages should be deleted;
  • the engine should be re-adapted.

If, after these operations (performing the test drive), everything is fine, it means: Stratified charge is restored, all parameters – correct, only then the car should be returned to the customer.

What did the dealer suggest? The dealer suggested adding a fuel additive! Here, the bill for these goods!

An advantageous solution, isn’t it? Instead of several thousand EUR – only several ten EUR are spent! Of course, this “solution” will not help in any way! The “specialists” at the dealer center haven’t even understood the problem! “Top-level” dealer service.