1. Download any of Screen Recorder programs, for example, Icecream Screen Recorder (free of charge): https://icecreamapps.com/Howto/how-to-capture-video.html

and prepare it for work.

2. Connect INPA to the problematic mode (for example, if the problems are observed for the cold engine – so it has to be connected to the cold engine), makes sure that there is a connection with a vehicle, and start the engine;

a) open ../F5/F2/F6 (basic parameters of the engine);

perform the recording of the following menus (changing them sequentially after each 3 .. 5 seconds):
b) ../F5/F6 (Fuel mixture);
c) ../F5/F7 (Rough run data).

3. If you have a feeling, that DME permanently disconnects some of the cylinders, turn on for a moment ../F5/Shift+F6/F1 (Injectors; live data) and check, if the fuel is injected in all cylinders. If in any of the cylinders (active cylinders of N43: 1/3/5/6) the opening of the injector is 0.000ms:
a) turn off the engine;
b) turn on the engine repeatedly.
When starting the engine repeatedly, DME will try to turn on all cylinders. Continue with a recording of Fuel mixture and Rough run data menu.
If necessary, start the engine again and again after some time (if DME turns off any of the cylinders).
The recorded video has to be at least 2 .. 3 minutes long.

Example of the recording.

0:00 INPA connected to the vehicle; a Screen Recorder starts to work; ../F5/F2/F6 menu is opened
0:07 the engine is started (DME starts to warm up the probes)

0:15 INPA is switched to Fuel mixture menu
0:22 INPA is switched to Rough run menu
0:30 INPA is switched back to Fuel mixture menu
1:29 INPA is switched to Injectors: live data menu (all cylinders are working)
1:42 the engine is switched off (DME stops the warming of the probes)
1:47 the engine is switched on (DME starts the warming of the probes)

Switching between Fuel Mixture and Rough un menu can be easily performed, pressing F6 (Fuel mixture) and F7 (Rough run);
for N43 series engines ../F5/Shift+F6/F1 (Injectors: live data) used cylinders are 1/3/5/6 (corresponding placement order 1/4/3/2).