This time – a concise entry regarding the MS45 management Rough run menu.
Let’s start with INPA.

Significant nuance: the same as for other Siemens DMEs, for this too – the sequence of cylinders is by firing order. So: 1/5/3/6/2/4
Increased bar reading: the exact cylinder has reduced mechanical efficiency. For cylinders whose efficiency is higher than the average, the bar indicates 0.
For a turned-off cylinder, 7 .. 8 units correspond, but you have to check the “sensitivity” of the DME of your vehicle by yourself – it can differ for different SW releases!
ISTA. In the ISTA call-up menu, the cylinder sequence is already “normal”, which means by placement. The data range indicated: -200 .. +200, which is completely inadequate. The displayed data corresponds to the data in the INPA menu 1:1. MS45; Rough run menu.