Performing Desulfation session of NOx catalytic converter


INPA for F series; MSD87 for N54 loader 3.700 is necessary.


1. Turn on, warm up the engine, connect INPA

2. Fill at least 1/2 of the fuel tank

3. Select the corresponding vehicle model and engine type

4. Go to Desulfation menu: ../F6/F2/F5

5. Press F1 to activate forced Desulfation of NOx catalytic converter

6. Drive your car with a speed of at least 110 km/h at least 20..30 minutes

7. During Desulfation session monitor main parameters. If Desulfation session begins:

a) temperature of the exhaust will reach 600 oC

b) Lambda will drop down to 0.95 for both banks

c) poisoning value will slowly decrease

8. Desulfation session is successfully finished if remaining poisoning is less than 25..30 % of the initial value.