This time – very simple topic – checking the engine temperature, using hidden menu.

How to open this hidden section, you can find on YouTube, the procedure will not give any problems.

Task – find out, which temperature (engine, coolant – outgoing or incoming) is displayed in this menu.




Temperature, displayed in KOMBI menu: 54 oC, the temperature of the engine, displayed with INPA: 55 oC.

Note: +/-1 oC and little delay of time are normal – data renewal speed is small and, obviously, the data are being sent with “higher” precision (and INPA/KOMBI) have various types of rounding to a full number of degrees.


Conclusion: for N43/53 series engines, the hidden menu shows the engine temperature. But, taking in the account, that first letter in KOMBI menu title is K [kuhlwasser], not M [motor], for the engines it has to be checked, exactly which temperature in outputted by KOMBI menu. Difference between the engine temperature and coolant (outgoing) temperature can reach 7 .. 10 oC!