This time – another attempt to beat the system.
One of the owners of N53 series engines reported – a very cheap (but, of course, perfect injectors) can be bought. Initially, they were intended for N54/N63 series engines.
Code of the injectors: 13538648937

At this moment, the most exciting starts. On the internet, images with the boxes with this code can be found:

At the same time, RealOEM does not find such code:

Such injector code can not be found by checking the historical releases of the N43/N53 and N54/N63. In the local online shops – neither. Except one:

Here, we have to understand – with a probability of 99.9%, these are outdated data. But we see – yes, such code was indicated, price – more than sweet.

What do receive the customers who purchased these injectors?

It turns out that the injectors, once removed from production and replaced with a newer code, were delivered:

In the picture, we see the injectors manufactured in 2015. What could they be?
Possibly – warehouse leftovers (last confirmed deals with the BMW dealership network were around the Year 2019; then the price of these injectors was already around EUR 250/piece).
Possibly – injectors, which were replaced by the injectors of the newer code in some batches of the vehicles;
Possibly – injectors were intended to be the replacement during the recall campaign.
There are many options, but it is clear that these injectors are at least 8 years old.

True, though, there is one interesting obstacle. RealOEM claims that these injectors were discontinued at the end of the Year 2013. In the image, we see the products dated 2 years later. In addition, release 12 has appeared. How so? At the same time – correct encoding data and correct appearance…

SI B13 08 15 provides some clarity.

This Service Instruction is intended for the recall, during which the prophylactic replacement of the aged injectors for S63 series engines was performed.
As can be understood, within the recall, industrially refurbished injectors are installed. What is the evidence for this?
a. manufactury dates are later than *261 injectors were produced;
b. on the bodies of the injectors, additional symbol O (or 0 – not clear from SI);
c. for these *261 injectors, the 12th release appears (which is typical for *079 injectors).

These injectors have (the same as for next, for example, *079, 12th release) have:
a. upgraded inner filter;
b. changed/optimized performance of the thermo-compensating oil.

SI accentuates that these injectors have significant technical differences from older *261 injector releases, and old and new injectors can not be mixed in the range of one bank.

Unfortunately, miracles don’t happen. Yes, such restored injectors were significantly cheaper during the time when new *048 and *079 were still available. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the Year 2020, new injectors can not be purchased; all injectors of the *048 and *079 series are industrially refurbished. At the same time, the prices have increased strongly.

On the internet, many blogs claim that there is “zero” difference between these *937 and original *079 injectors. The price is the only difference. Strange, isn’t it? BMW introduces three different codes (*261, *937 and *079), different prices, but – the same 1:1 product? No, this is not the same product. Injectors *937 were refurbished injectors (in addition, refurbished based on the previous generation injectors), and at the same time *079 – were new injectors.

A question – what is the difference between *937 and refurbished *079? Both are refurbished. Is there, and what are the differences, if as the sources are taken *261 injectors or *079 injectors – (as usual) the information is exactly zero. True, though, I am very skeptical regarding the availability of the *937 injectors at this moment, the Year 2023. The recall campaign is long over; all injectors (forcibly) are refurbished – there is no justification for introducing particularly favorable conditions.

A phone call with the dealer confirmed the following:
a. this *937 code is not available anymore; instead, the *079 should be used;
b. the list price of the *079 injectors has reached EUR 610 per piece (end of Year 2023); injectors are available after 10 days.